How would I append the text from a textfield to a textview and take a new line each time in swift?

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I am trying to append the text from a textfield to a textview by tapping an add button:

@IBAction func buttonAddIngredient(_ sender: UIButton) {
    ingredientTextField.text = ""

func addIngredient() {
    ingredientsTextView.text = ingredientTextField.text! + "\n"

When the add button is tapped the text from the textfield disappears and then reappears in the textview. I am trying to add a new line each time the add button is pressed so the previous text doesn't get overridden. However, it is getting overridden at this time.

It's because you are only taking the updated value of UITextField, you are not holding the value to UITextView. Replace the below line

ingredientsTextView.text = ingredientTextField.text! + "\n"


ingredientsTextView.text = ingredientsTextView.text + ingredientTextField.text! + "\n"

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Try this:

ingredientsTextView.text = ingredientsTextView.text + ingredientTextField.text! + "\n"

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Here it is:

ingredientsTextView.text?.append("Whatever text\n")

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  • I replaced the line with the one you are suggesting and I am now getting a Cannot convert value of type 'String!' to expected argument type 'inout String' error.