Proper method to link Font awesome in PhoneGap App

I am building an Android app using PhoneGap. But Font awesome icons used in the code are looking just a square shape. Before Font awesome was linked as CDN. I have removed CDN and copied it to my CSS folder. But now I am getting nothing even squares are also not visible. I checked my code in the browser source. when I click on Font awesome link in the browser it shows Cannot GET /css/css/font-awesome.css while the path is okay.

   <link rel="stylesheet" href="css/css/font-awesome.css"><!-- icons -->

What will be the proper way to add Font awesome in PhoneGap App

using /css is wrong on phonegap since / is the phone root. it's better to use relative paths like:

<link href="css/all.css" rel="stylesheet"> <!--load all styles -->

and of course don't forget to copy webfonts folder to your project www folder

PhoneGap Day Workshop, The final application source for the project we'll be building in this workshop There are a couple of ways you can try it out throughout this workshop. To use the Font Awesome icons, specify the icon and fa class followed by the proper local setup can run on device/emulator with PhoneGap CLI with one of the following:. The first thing that you need to do is select your font. Head over to Google Fonts. Type the name of the font type or style that you are interested in. Once you have found the font, click the "Add

I don't know why it's saying it "Cannot GET /css/css/font-awesome.css", but you can't just download the Font Awesome CSS file because the CSS file references font files, so you need to download everything.

Go to and download everything. Then unzip it and put your app's www folder and include <link href="your-path-to-fontawesome/css/all.css" rel="stylesheet"> in your HTML pages.

How to use Font Awesome in iOS/Phonegap apps, How to use Font Awesome in iOS/Phonegap apps Add a new property named "​Fonts provided by application" and set the value to "fontawesome-webfont.ttf". Most probably you are not linking to the style sheet correctly. Open your index.html file in a browser (chrome or safari) and check the console/resources sections.

I am not quite sure about this but my guess is you need to link to font-awesome.min file and in my case css/CSSIcons/font-awesome/css/font-awesome.min.css.

Can you check this for me buddy and let me know if it works

Font AWESOME without Internet Connection - PhoneGap, How do you use fontawesome without an internet connection? My app will not show a variety of ICONs when disconnected from the internet and won't function  I have a phonegap project with Arabic custom fonts. In chrome the font is displayed correctly and also in physical Android device but in phonegap app installed in iPhone the font has no impact. Below is a general structure phonegap project: css folder which contains a css file called fonts.css; fonts folder which contains a TTF file called QCF

Get Started with Font Awesome, Icons · New Icons in 3.2.1 · Web Application Icons · Currency Icons · Text Editor Icons · Directional Add Font Awesome + Bootstrap into your website with two lines of code. Use this method to get the default Font Awesome CSS with the default Bootstrap CSS. Get Font Awesome working properly in a modern browser. Internet Explorer 8 and @font-face. IE8 has some issues with @font-face when combined with :before.Font Awesome uses that combination. If a page is cached, and loaded without the mouse over the window (i.e. hit the refresh button or load something in an iframe) then the page gets rendered before the font loads.

phonegap-app-star-track/index.html at master · phonegap/phonegap , Contribute to phonegap/phonegap-app-star-track development by creating an is required only on Android and is needed for TalkBack to function properly. * Disables use of inline scripts in order to mitigate risk of XSS vulnerabilities. <​link rel="stylesheet" href="lib/font-awesome-4.5.0/css/font-awesome.min.css" />. jquery/app.js: This approach is using jQuery (please check for code errors, not tested yet!) #How to Handle Incoming Links. iOS. 1. Add this to your *-Info.plist (replace URL_SCHEME by a nice scheme you want to have your app listen to, like mycoolapp):

Making Durandal, PhoneGap and Windows Phone 8 work together , Clone the Durandal and add it to the app. Next step is to Durandal does not require Bootstrap or Font Awesome. The css in this file makes the modal dialogs work right.--> If you now open the Plugins/File.cs and set a breakpoint to readResourceAsText-method, you'll see what's causing the problem:. The in-app browser lets the user open any link within the app's browser instead of system's browser. PhoneGap has provided a core plugin for the in-app browser.