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I've got a chunk of JSON that looks like this:

{"id": "2345", "in": "sadfasd647", "name": "Delta", "created": "2018-01-19", "updated": ""}

Unfortunately, the service I'm sending this too doesn't handle blank entries. I have limited control over the source, so I'm looking for some Java Regex that I can use with ReplaceAll to get rid of all empty entries.

The result should look like:

{"id": "2345", "in": "sadfasd647", "name": "Delta", "created": "2018-01-19"}

The closest I've got is this:

string.replaceAll(",?\"*\":\\", "");

But I'm getting this error:

java.util.regex.PatternSyntaxException: Unexpected internal error near index 7

Try this regex, also the first value could be blank and should still be replaced correctly:

(, "\w+": "")|("\w+": "",)

So your Java Code should look like this:

String json = "{\"id\": \"2345\", \"in\": \"sadfasd647\", \"name\": \"Delta\", \"created\": \"2018-01-19\", \"updated\": \"\"}";
String result = json.replaceAll("(, \"\\w+\": \"\")|(\"\\w+\": \"\",)", "");

Which prints the following result:

{"id": "2345", "in": "sadfasd647", "name": "Delta", "created": "2018-01-19"}

Regex to replace all empty JSON array values with null, Try replacing any empty string or whitespace preceded and followed by a comma (or by [ or ] if it occurs exactly at the beginning or end of the list) with null. How do I remove the empty results? You can use LINQ to remove all entries that are equal to string.Empty: string[] columns = lineSplitter.Split(data); columns = columns.ToList().RemoveAll(c => c.Equals(string.Empty)).ToArray(); 2. How can I remove the last pipe? You can use LINQ here to remove all the entries equal to the character you want to

Try this (assuming the id is never blank):

String json = "{\"id\": \"2345\", \"in\": \"sadfasd647\", \"name\": \"Delta\", \"created\": \"2018-01-19\", \"updated\": \"\"}";
json = json.replaceAll(", \"\\w+?\": \"\"", "");

Regex: , "\w+?": ""

Output: {"id": "2345", "in": "sadfasd647", "name": "Delta", "created": "2018-01-19"}

You are getting that exception in your regex because of \\ at the end. This would be equal to a single \ for the regex, so it expects a character to be escaped after it, while you have none.

Using Regular Expressions · JSONata, JSONata provides first class support for regular expressions surrounded by expressions) when selecting objects that contain a matching string property. If nothing is matched, then it returns the empty sequence (i.e. JavaScript undefined ). The four regex-aware functions ( $match , $contain , $split , $replace ) simply​  @JonathanCrowe's answer is correct for regex, but is that the right choice here? Particularly if you have many items, you'd be much better off modifying the parsed object, rather than running it through JSON.stringify for a regex solution:

Try this

Try replacing any empty string or whitespace preceded and followed by a comma (or by [ or ] if it occurs exactly at the beginning or end of the list) with null. It should work whether the actual JSON string has whitespace or not.

String result = str.replaceAll("(?<=,|\\[)\\s*(?=,|\\])","null");

Removes Json null objects from the serialized string and return a , Removes Json null objects from the serialized string and return a new IsEmptyOrNull()) { Regex regex = new Regex(UtilityRegExp. Replace(str, string​. Empty line followed by a backward slash (for some reason, stack overflow has trimmed the empty line in above output). Note, this question is not related to replacing newline character - javascript regex

Scraping Data from JSON using Regex, Here, if you see the content, it's an array of objects where each object has 5 property ( rank, cnt, tt, au, yr ) and their corresponding values. [ { "rank": 1, "cnt": 5, "tt":  If the regular expression can match the empty string, Split will split the string into an array of single-character strings because the empty string delimiter can be found at every location. The following example splits the string "characters" into as many elements as the input string contains, starting with the character "a".

Using a Replacer or Filter with JSON.stringify, If it is an array, it specifies by name which entries to include in the stringify result. o: null, val: undefined, re: /^\d+$/, fn: function(val) { // code here } } } var json function below we examine the value ( val ) to see if it is a regular expression. I believe it should be very simple to replace an empty field with some content using search and replace, but I wish someone give me a hand here. For this, I went to "Batch edit Script" and tried, many times, different forms of syntax for the Regex pattern. The only syntax that seems to be working is ^(.*)$ although I tried ^(s*)$ as well.

How to remove all line breaks from a string using JavaScript , Regular Expression: This method uses regular expressions to detect and replace newlines in the string. It is fed into replace function along with string to replace with, which in our case is an empty string. String.replace( regex / substr, replace with ) How to Create a Dropdown List with Array Values using JavaScript ? Hi Syed, I saved your string to a .json file (easier to deal with all the quotes by just reading it in from a file), read in the file and then simply replaced "f": with "frequency":

  • @JsonInclude(Include.NON_NULL) //or Include.NON_EMPTY