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I just installed DataStax DevCenter. However when loading up, the Automatic Update & Usage page pops up. However the "Ok" button is disabled and unclickable. So I can't get pass the startup loading of the application. How can I bypass this?

Click here for screenshot

This sounds very much like a known issue with DevCenter and Java versions 1.8.0_152 or Java 9.

Are you using either of those? Use java -version on the command line to quickly check which version is being used.

The only workaround at this time is to use a different version of Java - version 1.8.0_151 or earlier should be fine.

DataStax DevCenter stuck on Startup, This sounds very much like a known issue with DevCenter and Java versions 1.8.​0_152 or Java 9. Are you using either of those? Use java  find a directory called .devcenter in your user directory (that should be \Users\<youruser>) move this directory to a different location; start DevCenter; If this doesn't work: in the same \Users\<youruser>\.devcenter\logging folder find the log.txt file; you might be able to see the root error; there is a newer version available (1.1.1)

For me just changing the JAVA_HOME point to 1.8.0_151 did not work. Only after completely removing all other Java versions from machine, fixed the issue for me. Hope it helps

Solve Cassandra DataStax DevCenter freezing by start problem , to 8.0.172 I realised that Datastax DevCenter was not working anymore. There are Java, Scala, Spark, Spring Boot Groovy and many more  DataStax Enterprise 6.7.x; DataStax Enterprise 6.0.x; Symptom. By default, AlwaysOn SQL is disabled. Attempts to start the AlwaysOn SQL service are unsuccessful. The command alwayson-sql start shows "Starting" with progressive "dots" but never completes. For example:

You can have multiple JDKs and configure DevCenter to use earlier one.

Right-click on in your properties directory Click "Show package contents" Open Contents/info.plist in an editor of your choice Then, at the bottom you will find configuration that looks like the following:

    <!-- a lot of stuff above -->
        <!-- comments on how to change the Java version -->
        <!-- some more comments -->

Into the array element, insert the following children and make sure to adapt the old Java version you want DevCenter to use and your users name.


How to fix DevCenter freezing on new Java versions – Jonas , I restarted my Mac and now the DevCenter is not working I thought it could be the Java version but I have already tried with several ones and even ENTRY com.​datastax.devcenter.common.utils. at org.eclipse.ui.splash. After you install and configure DataStax Enterprise on one or more nodes, start your cluster beginning with the seed nodes. In a mixed-workload DataStax Enterprise cluster, you must start the analytics seed node first. Packaged installations include start-up and stop scripts for running DataStax Enterprise as a service.

Changing to Java version _131 worked for me., Find guest by ID'; DataStax DevCenter We've already had quite a bit of practice creating schema using cqlsh, but now that we're starting to create an application​  Information about starting and using DataStax Studio 6.0. Starting and stopping Studio. Starting and stopping DataStax Studio. Creating a connection. Creating a connection from a Studio notebook to a DSE cluster. Using graph . Interactively create and explore contextual views of data. Using CQL

Datastax DevCenter not working, Connecting to a remote datastax cassandra instance local datastax devcenter Automatic update check, which trigger a popup at startup if a new version is available Frozen collections (CASSANDRA-7859) including nested collections and  Information about configuring DataStax Enterprise, such as recommended production setting, configuration files, snitch configuration, start-up parameters, heap dump settings, using virtual nodes, and more. Start-up parameters. Switches to change the JVM settings at start up.

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  • Thanks. Worked for me!