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Anyone have any examples of javascript actionresults? I am having a hard time getting the script to execute once it has been returned. Thanks

Here's an example I found on a blog post, which actually describes it as an anti-pattern, because the Controller has to have in-depth knowledge of the View in order to function.

public ActionResult DoSomething() {   
    string s = "$('#some-div').html('Updated!');";   
    return JavaScript(s);   

How to call a Controller ActionResult method , button click i want to call that Controller ActionResult method By java. 2011/​08/18/calling-asp-net-mvc-action-methods-from-javascript.aspx. If you've been working in ASP.NET MVC at all, you've seen code like this before: public ActionResult Index() { return View(); } Any action in an MVC controller, generally speaking, returns an ActionResult. Obviously that class represents an action of some kind, but exactly what does it do?

The only way I have found to return a JavascriptResult and execute it on the client is with JQuery:

$(document).ready(function () {
    $("button").click(function () {

<button>Use Ajax to get and then run a JavaScript</button>

In the controller:

public JavaScriptResult ShowAlert() {
        var script = "alert('Hello');";
        return new JavaScriptResult() { Script = script };

JavaScript Result in Controller Sample in MVC: Day 12, Click on the "Add" button. Step 3. Name the controller as in the following: And it will add an action result method to  Stack Overflow for Teams is a private, secure spot for you and your coworkers to find and share information. ASP.NET MVC Javascript ActionResult. ASP.Net MVC

This might work..

 public ActionResult Search(string name)
        // var someScript = Server.HtmlEncode("<script>alert('Hello')</script>");

        return  Content("<script>alert('Hello')</script>" );

JSON Result Javascript Result File Result Content Result MVC, ASP.NET MVC has different types of Action Results. Each action result returns a different format of the output. As a programmer, we need to use different action  In ASP.NET, MVC has different types of Action Results. Each action result returns a different format of output. A programmer uses different action results to get expected output. Action Results return the result to view the page for the given request.

Create a JavascriptResult for ASP.NET MVC, NET MVC does not cover all features requested by developers, but offers the In my case, the goal was to render a partial view into a JavaScript file. Get)] public ActionResult MyWidget(int id) { PartialModel model = new  If you’re familiar with ASP.NET MVC, you know how important the ActionResult class is. This class encapsulates the result of an action method and is used to perform a framework-level operation on behalf of the action method.

Action Result Return Type in MVC 4 – Dotnet Helpers, ActionResult is a return type of a controller method in ASP.NET Action methods return JsonResult (JavaScript Object Notation result) that can be used in ajax  public ActionResult DoSomething() { return JavaScript("alert('Hello world!');"); I do not view the alert message in my browser, but I get a download request for a .js script from the page named as the action (register.js in my case).

Action method in ASP.NET MVC, ActionResult. MVC framework includes various result classes, which can be return from an action methods. There result classes represent different types of  When executed, the scripts included in @section in the content views will be placed under <head> tag in the output HTML generated by the Asp.Net MVC. Using jQuery in Asp.Net MVC View Let’s see how to use jQuery library to display alert box similar to our previous example which used JavaScript function.

  • Could you elaborate a little bit?
  • Sure let's say I am returning the following from an action. Javascript("alert('Hello World');"); Instead of an alert dialog I am getting a page that has "alert('Hello World')" displayed in it.
  • Just wanted to add for those viewing this in the future. It appears to me that the javascript result will only be executed when the action is called via ajax. Calling this action via an Html.Actionlink will result in the text of the script being returned, but not executed.
  • Are Javascript ActionResults their way of handling JsonP results or did they handle JsonP in some other way?
  • @Dr.Zim I think you would want to use the Json(...) method for that.