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I have a GCP project and just for testing purpose, I want to grant the permission to 'allUsers'. But when I am trying to add, I am getting error Members of type allUsers and allAuthenticatedUsers cannot be added to this resource. Can somebody help me to understand what I am doing wrong or missing here? Thanks

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Sometimes it might be that you’re trying to use a deprecated feature that is already no longer available in web UI and control panels but in fact, is still silently supported for thus who are unable to upgrade.

Granting a role for allUsers is one of these cases and you can find an example of such a case in this answer of a smart-things community.

Regarding the:

Can somebody help me to understand what I am doing wrong or missing here?

You are trying to use insecure permissions that are strongly discouraged. And that is wrong, that is not available in some web user interfaces for a reason. But if Google would ditch such support at all, then IoT devices that are still dependent on this yet out of the reach of developers who could upgrade them would become inoperable, so new users unlikely to see such possibility but thus who used it in the passed will be stay operable.

But if you were unfortunate to delete such permission and now you left a lot of IoT devices without an ability to publish for a PubSub topic (and upgrading devices is not a feasible option) then following mentioned answer from smart things community if you want to allow publishing for a topic bar of the project foo then you can use a set IAM policy API to apply a role roles/pubsub.publisher for allUsers

A resource will be: projects/foo/topic/bar

And policy object will be:

  "policy": {
    "bindings": [
        "role": "roles/pubsub.publisher",
        "members": [

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Check the docs.

Project does not support allUsers and allAuthenticatedUsers as members in a Binding of a Policy.

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