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I am learning RobotFramework, I have a simple script :

*** Settings ***
Documentation  Simple demo
Library  SeleniumLibrary

*** Variables ***
${MESSAGE}  Hello, World

*** Test Cases ***
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    [Documentation]  This is some basic info about the test
    [Tags]  Smoke
    Open Browser  firefox
    Input text  id=twotabsearchtextbox  Ferrari 458
    Click Button  xpath=//div[@class='nav-search-submit nav-sprite']/input[@class='nav-input' and 1]
    Wait until page Contains  results for "Ferrari 458"
    Click Link  css=#result_0 a.s-access-detail-page
    Wait until Page Contains  Back to search results for "Ferrari 458"
    Click Button  id=add-to-cart-button
    Wait Until Page Contains  1 item added to Cart

Everything is working fine, but browser window is not maximized, plz help me, how can I do that.

This is my pip configuration

robotframework                 3.1
robotframework-requests        0.5.0
robotframework-seleniumlibrary 3.2.0
selenium                       3.141.0

To start with you can use the Maximize Browser Window Keyword after Open Browser.

If that does not work; there is possible fix that is suggested here:

See if it resolves your issue. Let me know if it did.

1. "Maximise browser Window" keyword not working in IE,FF and , I too was getting the same issue with "Maximise browser window" keyword when i used Selenium2library in ROBOT framework. The "Maximise browser window"  import time from selenium import webdriver driver = webdriver.Chrome() driver.get('') driver.maximize_window() time.sleep(5) driver.quit() Save the script in a and run it from command line.

Try this code.

Open Browser    about:blank    safari
Maximize Browser Window

Hope help you.

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Open Browser chrome

Maximize Browser Window

More info:

Selenium2Library, Locating elements; Browser and Window; Timeouts, waits, and Log Title · Maximize Browser Window · Mouse Down · Mouse Down On Image  To maximize a browser window, you need to call the maximize () method of the Window interface of the driver class. void maximize () – This method is used to maximize the current browser. You can customize the size of the browser according to the requirement of the scenario.

SeleniumLibrary, How to make firefox web browser full screen in selenium2library for `Maximize Browser Window`:  As you know, After Selenium 3.0 we need to declare browser drivers before executing our test scripts. Thus, we need to do below settings for our Robot Framework automation projects. I will describe the settings for Chrome Driver version 2.29, Chrome Browser Version 57.0.2987.133, and Selenium 3.3.2, Robot Framework 3.0.2, Python 2.7.11

How to make firefox web browser full screen in selenium2library for , Quick question, is there a quick easy way to open the browser in RF (RIDE) in full screen? When I open Chrome it is only on the half screen. Selenium Version: 3.11.0, Selenium2library=3.1.1 Browser: Chrome Browser Version: Chrome --> 65.0.3325.181. Expected Behavior - Chrome browser should maximize to full screen mode. Actual Behavior - Chrome browser does not maximize fully on using "Maximize Browser Window". Its not full screen. Steps to reproduce -

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