ImportError: No module named 'selenium'

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I'm trying to write a script to check a website. It's the first time I'm using selenium. I'm trying to run the script on a OSX system. Although I checked in /Library/Python/2.7/site-packages and selenium-2.46.0-py2.7.egg is present, when I run the script it keeps telling me that there is no selenium module to import.

This is the log that I get when I run my code:

Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/Users/GiulioColleluori/Desktop/", line 10, in <module>
    from selenium import webdriver
ImportError: No module named 'selenium'

If you have pip installed you can install selenium like so.

pip install selenium

or depending on your permissions:

sudo pip install selenium

As you can see from this question pip vs easy_install pip is a more reliable package installer as it was built to improve easy_install.

I would also suggest that when creating new projects you do so in virtual environments, even a simple selenium project. You can read more about virtual environments here. In fact pip is included out of the box with virtualenv!

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For python3, on a Mac you must use pip3 to install selenium.

sudo pip3 install selenium

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If you are using Anaconda or Spyder in windows, install selenium by this code in cmd:

conda install selenium

If you are using Pycharm IDE in windows, install selenium by this code in cmd:

pip install selenium

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Even though the egg file may be present, that does not necessarily mean that it is installed. Check out this previous answer for some hint:

How to install Selenium WebDriver on Mac OS

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  • That didn't work for me. My solution was this: sudo -H pip3 install -U selenium
  • Didn't worked for me
  • this works for me... This should work in 2020 with all python3+ projects
  • I installed it using the command "sudo easy_install selenium" . Is there any other better way I should use to install it?
  • I installed it using the same command and it works for me. If possible, try to re-install it.
  • This helped me the most. I had Selenium installed in a different Python env.
  • I downloaded again selenium from link[/link] but I'm not sure how to install it since I've never installed a .tar.gz on a OSX. Previously, I just installed it using "sudo easy_install selenium" from the terminal. Is there any command to install .tar.gz local files?
  • Now it finds the module but it's reporting another issue. I'm gonna try to work it out. Thanks for now!
  • Could you add some detail on how to do this?
  • !command isn't valid Python. Maybe you are using Jupyter? In any case, OP doesn't appear to be. Please don't assume the tools people are using. At the very least, please specify the libraries you use.