Relocate default directory away from mywork in JDeveloper

When one googles something like this it pops out that one needs to change either JDEV_USER_DIR or set ide.user.dir parameter in Oracle_Home\jdeveloper\ide\bin\ide.boot file, but this is explicitly wrong. Changing ide.user.dir parameter relocates files where JDeveloper saves its parameters, not default folder for my projects. So, can someone give me the correct answer how do I replace the default folder for my projects (that is after installing JDeveloper)?

jdeveloper.exe -J-Dide.user.dir=C:\myWork

Getting Started with Developing Applications with Oracle JDeveloper, if you are not using jdeveloper's default application folder path, say c:/JDeveloper​/mywork , you should be trying to navigate in open application  to make life easier, you can change default folder for open application dialog of jdeveloper as in following screenshot. you need to change path attribute of workDirectory tag in %appdata%\JDeveloper\_related_jdev_system_folder_\o.jdeveloper\applications.xml.

The first step in the wizard for application creation lets you choose where to place the application. I believe that after you set this for one application the next ones will follow along to the same directory by default.

how to change default “open application” folder of jdeveloper, x.x, the ADF Runtime, and Oracle WebLogic Server 11g Release 1 (10.3.3) on your system. If you choose to create a new Middleware Home directory, the default C:\JDeveloper\mywork on all other Windows platforms. terms of the Government contract, the additional rights set forth in FAR 52.227-19,  By default, JDeveloper creates a folder entitled mywork, within which it stores all your project and workspace files. The directory structure is Workspace n /Project n /src for source files and Workspace n /Project n /classes for compiled files.

According to the first link I found, and the explanation on the way to set the working directory is to set the environment variable JDEV_USER_HOME. I set it to the value: %USERPROFILE%\Documents\JDeveloper

Change Default mywork directory, how to?, JDevelopers mywork and system directories with then be created under the You may try to move the system folder for JDev by editing the jdev.boot file in of your integrated WLS, so I'm not sure how much you've worked with it so far. Stack Overflow Public questions and In Jdeveloper Studio GoTo Window --> Reset Windows To Factory Settings Relocate default directory away from mywork in

Change the JDeveloper system directory, If it's not set is uses a default directory, for 11g on windows XP that's <user dir>\​Application Data\JDeveloper\systemXXX (XXX stands for the exact  Stack Overflow Public questions and answers; For JDeveloper 11.1.2.x, Relocate default directory away from mywork in JDeveloper. 0.

Apache Ivy and JDeveloper integration, <property name="jdev.ojdeploy.path" value="C:\java\jdeveloper\​JDev11gBuild6081 C:\JDeveloper\mywork\ADFLibrary1\ViewController\deploy​\ d) And of most importance, a dependency of ADFLibrary1, specifically release​/version 1. <property name="ivy.default.ivy.lib.dir" value="C:\JDeveloper\lib"/> It is also the default location for new projects (in the \JDeveloper\mywork\ directory) as well as other configuration files that are specific to a given user. Caution: Ensure that you choose a Home directory that does not contain spaces.

Getting started with JDeveloper, The illustrations in this book show JDeveloper 11g Release 1, version put it in the file system (you can leave the default of C:\JDeveloper\mywork\XdmPoC ) it to a new location or even drag it out of JDeveloper to make it a floating window. In your operating system's file manager, navigate to the directory in which the files currently reside. Files stored in the JDeveloper default directory reside in the mywork folder. Select the entire directory (application, project, or files within a project) to be moved and move it to the new location.

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