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I am converting .psd to .png files inside folder with one. How to keep same name of every file in folder with different extension ?

For example I enter in folder images and then from terminal I execute

$ convert *.psd *.png

but it gives names to .png just numbers not the same as appropriate .psd image.

Use the -set and formatting options.

convert *.psd -set filename:base "%[basename]" "%[filename:base].png"

See "Long Form Attribute Percent Escapes" and "Filename Percent Escapes" docs.


The mogrify utility that ships with imagemagick can also be used.

mogrify -format png *.psd

Note: Be careful with mogrify as the docs state...

This tool is similiar to convert except that the original image file is overwritten (unless you change the file suffix with the -format option) with any changes you request.

How to convert multiple files, keeping the same name, I tried with some #, *, {0}, _, | and other signs but any of them just keep the name for each photo. What do I need to do to just change the extension  This will overwrite the original with all the processing done by the options and keep the same input name. If you want another name just use that for the output. But if you use the same name, the result will write over the input.

If you are on Linux, Unix or Mac OSX, you could use in a terminal window with Bash shell:

for i in *.psd; do
     convert $i ${i/.psd/.png}

I deliberately do not advertise mogrify any more. It is too dangerous for every user who doesn't know it already, and who comes to this website to ask for help. mogrify is overwriting your original files in some cases (of course not when converting PSD->PNG)

Is it possible? - The same input and output filename?, I need to convert a lot of files and i need that filenames of converted files was the same with all the processing done by the options and keep the same input name. It can perform inline image processing and replacement. md thumbs for %%f in (*.jpg) do ( gm convert -convert_commands_here %%f thumbs\%%~nf.jpg ) you can base your script on. This batch script processes all .jpg files in the current directory and saves the converted images into a thumbs subdirectory

Or, even simpler:

mogrify -format png *.psd

using "convert" and leaving same names, Hi. how can I convert a folder with images at once? what command I want to keep original image names to converted files. i need a pair of  As you can see, images are different, despite of their names, which are the same. I want to convert both these images to one single format. The basic attempt for this task is. mogrify -format jpg *.png But it doesn't work, for obvious reasons (one folder cannot contain multiple files with the same name and extension). Also, some notes from myself.

I like the top answer,

that being said, in later versions of ImageMagick, the command is

convert *.psd -set filename:basename "%[basename]" "%[filename:basename].png"

as also mentioned by @jan-glx and @jomel imperio

Batch Resize and Output with Same Filename with a , The user guide talks about mogrify and convert, as does most of the to directory of images list=$(ls *.png) for img in $list; do name=$(magick  Your second command is telling ImageMagick to consume all files matched into an image stack, and composite it as one. You can attempt the same solution with the mogrify utility, but I believe it would be way simpler if you expand the bash script with a single for loop.

convert identical image with different name, I'm trying to use imagemagick to convert images generated on the fly with random If that's the case, I don't want to write the converted image to the database. The solution is to save PNG images without any 'time stamps'. For example, to convert an image to (linear) Rec709Luminance grayscale, type: magick in.png -grayscale Rec709Luminance out.png which is equivalent to: magick in.png -colorspace RGB -colorspace Gray out.png or magick in.png -colorspace LinearGray out.png. Note that LinearGray is new as of Imagemagick 6.9.9-29 and 7.0.7-17. Similarly, to convert

how to retain original file name when using imagemagick conversion, ImageMagick: convert to keep same name for converted image. convert *.jpg -resize 220x220 -set filename:base "%[base]" "%[filename:base]. If you specified the same file name, ImageMagick would save the rotated image over the original image file. Applying Effects. ImageMagick can apply a variety of effects to an image. For example, the following command applies the “charcoal” effect to an image: convert howtogeek.jpg -charcoal 2 howtogeek-charcoal.jpg

ImageMagick: multiple files conversion & saving with different name , it was amost offensively simple: ls | xargs -I % convert % -resize 432x768 shrunk​_%. Inspired by this answer. Convert multi PDF document to several Image files. linux,pdf,imagemagick-convert. You should be able to convert multipage PDF files into multiple JPEGs (one file per page) easily when using convert. Here is a command to process just pages 1--5: convert PDF32000_2008.pdf[0-4] page-%d.jpg ([0-4] means pages 1--5. The page indexing is 0-based!)

  • You should accept @emcconville's answer over mine, because it is platform independent.
  • Just an update: base is now called basename. With that substitution, works as expected!
  • -> convert *.psd -set filename:base "%[basename]" "%[filename:base].png"
  • That's right, mogrify with -format will do the same thing.