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I'm in the process of upgrading to CKEditor version 4.5.8. I use jQuery to access the CKEditor API.

The textarea of the editor doesn't update. Is there a config option I need to set?


<textarea name="mck_1" id="mck_1"> Enter text. </textarea>
<script> CKEDITOR.replace( 'mck_1' ); </script>



How do I debug this? Do I have to explicitly update the display/textarea?

If I try to manually update the textarea in Firebug, it says "undefined".


There are a lot of "setData not working" questions for past versions of CKEditor in StackOverflow but none of the suggested solutions there work for me.



EDIT: I realized the first "setData" on the textarea actually works. It's the second one that follows that does not display. From this thread

1: it seems like there is some timing thing. But that's as far as I've gotten.

As it turns out the answer was in the CKEditor documentation (yeah I know - RTFM first). The underlying cause for this behavior is that setData method is asynchronous and so you need to code accordingly.!/api/CKEDITOR.editor-method-setData

Quote: "Note that this method is asynchronous. The callback parameter must be used if interaction with the editor is needed after setting the data."

In my case since I'm trying to setData twice in a row, I definitely need to have a callback. It now works.

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$('textarea').each(function () {
   var $textarea = $(this);

instaed of getting the data from ckeditor and setting back to editor make use of textarea and iterate and get all data and set to each ckeditor,,,before iterate create a instance of CKEDITOR

Installation, the ckeditor5-build-classic-1.0. 0. zip file for the Classic editor build. CKEditor module & CKEditor, the editor - the difference. To avoid confusion, read this (mainly Drupal 6 users): the module ckeditor that is available here for download is a wrapper for the editor downloaded from the site (for Drupal 7, this step is no longer needed as CKEditor is taken by default from CDN). After the two archives

This ->!/api/CKEDITOR.editor-method-setData




CKEDITOR.instances['editor1'].setData(response, {
                    callback: function() {
                    this.checkDirty(); // true
                } );

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  • why you make it so complex and where the editor id , and what exactly you are trying to do
  • @noni - I'm trying to programmatically input data into the editor using jQuery. The id of the editor is "mck_1".
  • Where are you calling setData? Perhaps it's before the textarea has been converted to a ckeditor instance? For testing, add a button on your page with its onclick event set to CKEDITOR.instances.mck_1.setData('Hello') and see what happens when you click the button after the editor has fully loaded.
  • @Atzmon - I check to see that ckeditor is loaded before writing into it. I just noticed an odd thing - if I "getData" on the textarea after my seemingly failed "setData" it returns the updated text "hi". So, it's just not displaying the updated text. Any ideas? Thanks!
  • @user1072910 Sorry, no idea. This may be a problem specific to your implementation so if you post a stripped down bare bones working example of your code, maybe someone can help.
  • In my case I was trying to set the editor contents to null using setData(), which wasn't working. It turns out I had to pass an empty string instead.