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I would like to replace the empty space between each and every field with comma delimiter.Could someone let me know how can I do this.I tried the below command but it doesn't work.thanks.

My command:

53 51097 310780 1
56 260 1925 1
68 51282 278770 1
77 46903 281485 1
82 475 2600 1
84 433 3395 1
96 212 1545 1
163 373819 1006375 1
204 36917 117195 1

If you are talking about sed, this works:

sed -e "s/ /,/g" < a.txt

In vim, use same regex to replace:

s/ /,/g

Replace all white spaces with commas in a text file, With sed : sed -e 's/\s\+/,/g' orig.txt > modified.txt. Or with perl : perl -pne 's/\s+/,/g' < orig.txt > modified.txt. Edit: To exclude newlines in perl you could use a  IF your data includes an arbitrary sequence of blank characters (tab, space), and you want to replace each sequence with one comma, use the following: sed 's/[\t ]+/,/g' input_file or

Inside vim, you want to type when in normal (command) mode:

:%s/ /,/g

On the terminal prompt, you can use sed to perform this on a file:

sed -i 's/\ /,/g' input_file

Note: the -i option to sed means "in-place edit", as in that it will modify the input file.

SED command to replace whitespace with comma, I need to remove the whitespace in between the text and replace it with a comma. 1,2,3,4 11,22,33,44. Can someone explain how I can achieve this? I need to replace all white spaces inside my text with commas. I'm currently using this line but it doesn't work: I get as output a text file which is exactly the same of the original one: sed 's/[:blank:]+/,/g' orig.txt > modified.txt thanks

I know it's not exactly what you're asking, but, for replacing a comma with a newline, this works great:

tr , '\n' < file

How to match whitespace in sed?, Which command will translate all the white space to tabs? I want to replace every comma not enclosed in a pair of double quotes with '|' using awk pattern matching within sed. For example, given the following input: A,B,"C,D

Try the following command and it should work out for you.

sed "s/\s/,/g" orignalFive.csv > editedFinal.csv

Replace whitespaces with tabs in linux, SHELL SCRIPT Hi I have a file in the following format Mayank Sushant Dheeraj Kunal ARUN Samir How can i replace the white space in between and replace  $ cat texte-new.txt this,is,a,text in,which,I,want,to,replace spaces,by,commas I wouldn't go just replacing the old file by the new one (could be done with sed -i, if I remember correctly ; and as @ghostdog74 said, this one would accept creating the backup on the fly) : keeping might be wise, as a security measure (even if it means having to

If you want the output on terminal then,

$sed 's/ /,/g' filename.txt

But if you want to edit the file itself i.e. if you want to replace space with the comma in the file then,

$sed -i 's/ /,/g' filename.txt

How to Use Sed Command to replace white spaces with comma , If you use double quotes, bash interprets \\ and outputs \ which is then again interpreted from sed together with the following space to just the  Replacing / with TAB using sed. Replace whitespace with a comma in a text file in Linux. 680. How to do a recursive find/replace of a string with awk or sed? 5.

command line, Use sed -e "s/[[:space:]]\+/ /g". Here's an explanation: [ # start of character class [:​space:] # The POSIX character class for whitespace characters. It's # functionally​  I would like to replace blank spaces/white spaces in a string with commas. STR1=This is a string to STR1=This,is,a,string

sed replace all tabs and spaces with a single space, Re: replace commas in a macro variable and put spaces Posted 05-10-2017 (​15884 Text Replacer. punctuation constant. sed -e 's/ /\t/g' test. To change pluses to spaces only when they are flanked by words: sed 's/\>+\</ /g' This would change a+b to a b but would leave a + b and a++b unmodified.. The pattern \> matches the zero width space at the end of a word, and \< is analogous for the start of a word.

Replace whitespace with comma online, sed: Replace spaces with commas. sed -e 's/^[ ][ ]*//g' -e 's/[ ][ ]*/,/g'. Comment on gist. Sign in to comment or sign up to join this conversation on 

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  • It does look like he's trying to use Vim here, not sed, good call
  • If you are on Max OSX the -i option requires an argument. You can pass it an empty string if you don't desire a backup.
  • ^ thank you so much, spent a while trying to fix this command on a mac
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