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In one of my app, I am using tab layout and viewpager with three fragments. In each fragment I am fetching data from server using Java Rest API. This server data depend upon fragment button click. E.g.

In process fragment when I click on play button, then that card view goes into completed fragment, but it doesn't. when I refresh activity that time it goes, mean when activity close and then start. what should I do to refresh fragment?

You can try to refresh fragment like this:

FragmentTransaction ft = getFragmentManager().beginTransaction();

Refresh Fragment at reload, How do I stop refreshing fragments on tab is changed? To refresh the current Android Fragment you can use the snippet below. The code must be placed inside the Fragment that needs to be updated. The snippet will call the onCreateView Method of the Fragment. Samples Sample Java

Try this in your Fragment class

 public void setUserVisibleHint(boolean isVisibleToUser) {

    if (isVisibleToUser) {
    // Refresh your fragment here

How to refresh data in ViewPager Fragment ?, I have ViewPager in my Activity which hosts 6 Fragment. I disabled paging by swiping with finger, so whenever I want to swipe I use related button and : each fragment that is swiped (after swipe is finished) I want to send a  This tutorial is about how to refresh a Fragment within ViewPager when there are changes in another Fragment of the ViewPager. For source code, please visit

I think, that you need to update Adapter on model changes, but not whole Fragment. java code , refresh fragment at reload Is it possible to refresh the view of a Fragment Android: refresh/update fragment from another activity on button clicked is required to prevent null point exceptions when clicking off of a tab with no history man. Reactive rest calls using spring rest template · getSharedPreferences (​Context)  Just change the android:text=”Tab tab_number”,for every layout file to see the tabs are switching or not.; For these 3 layout resource files we also need to create 3 java classes that will contain these resource as fragment.

Whatever operation you want to perform for refreshing fragment just put it inside one method and call it from onStart() method inside your fragment, worked for me.

android How to refresh fragment tab content on button click?, public class ArticleTabFragmentActivity extends FragmentActivity{ private I do not see how that is related to the question, which was about a refresh button. To keep this example simple, add a Button to open the Fragment, and if the Fragment is open, the same Button can close the Fragment. Open activity_main.xml, click the Design tab if it is not already selected, and add a Button under the imageView element. Constrain the Button to the bottom of imageView and to the left side of the parent.

Try this one ! Paste this code in your Activity.


Android Passing Data Between Fragments, Android Swipe Refresh · 71. In this tutorial, we'll be developing an application that contains TabLayout, We'll implement a functionality that passes data from one Fragment to the other android:layout_margin="16dp" android:hint="Enter here" /> <Button OnClickListener() { @Override public void onClick(View v) { SM. About is the leading job site in the Middle East and North Africa, connecting job seekers with employers looking to hire. Every day, thousands of new job vacancies are listed on the award-winning platform from the region's top employers.

Building dynamic user interfaces in Android with fragments, On a tablet the main activity contains both fragments in its layout, on a handheld it If a detailed fragment is there, the main activity tells the fragment that it should update itself. Button; public class MyListFragment extends Fragment { private OnClickListener() { @Override public void onClick(View v)  But unfortunately TabHost is deprecated by android in favor of fragments. So it is suggested that use fragment to achieve tab layout. This article shows you how to create tab layout using fragments and viewpager. Also you can swipe between tab view as it is the functionality of viewpager which is not possible when using TabHost.

ViewPager with FragmentPagerAdapter, A ViewPager is a layout which can be added to any layout XML file inside a root layout: See Google Play Style Tabs using TabLayout for a walkthrough. based on a condition } // Force a refresh of the page when a different fragment is​  Fragment Tutorial With Example In Android Studio. In Android, Fragment is a part of an activity which enable more modular activity design. It will not be wrong if we say a fragment is a kind of sub-activity. It represents a behaviour or a portion of user interface in an Activity.

Adding Swipe-to-Refresh To Your App, If you display the action as a button, users may assume that the refresh button action is different from the swipe-to-refresh action. By making the  You can set the base layout for the second position. setTabOneIcon(@DrawableRes int tabOneIcon); Set the icon for both the first tab and the Action Button when in the first position. setTabTwoIcon(@DrawableRes int tabTwoIcon); Set the icon for both the second tab and the Action Button when in the second position.

  • @user1517638 Not Worked !!!
  • @fazil you can put this code on button click, after you getting response from server that can refresh your page.
  • This is the best approach
  • yeah, but where?
  • This does not reload the fragment. Only shows how many pages adjacent to the current fragment will be stored in cache... @Kuldeep wrote the right answer.