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I need to convert an image to text. But it's a bit easier than it seems.

The image I'm talking about is not a scanned document or something that is rotated, skewed, and up-side-down. It's a clean screenshot from a game (similar to taking a screenshot of a some text in notepad). I also know exactly how big the text is and where it is, it is also very easy to remove the background and make black on white.

The font will always stay the same (however, I don't know which font). so maybe I could teach something it to read this specific font?

I also need this to be called from a c# application. so I'm looking for some way in c# to say: here's the Bitmap (or path to a bitmap), give me what it says in plain text.

I already tried that tesseract ocr, but it seems that I'm doing something wrong, because it is almost always wrong. The only one that had good results (only a small mistake with having an "at" becoming "a t") was Capture2Text, but I have no idea how to use that in c#.

here's a small sample of what it should be able to read:

I use Tesseract.NET to recognize your sample image and got "Evorvze SWOYG"; after rescaling it to 300DPI, got "Bronze sword".

Screenshot OCR online, Optical character recognition, or OCR, is a way to convert typed, handwritten text, or a screenshot into a form that your machine (computer) can understand. Convert your screenshot to text Step 1: Download and Launch. Download and install Easy Screen OCR for Windows to your computer. It is 100% clean and Step 2: Configure preferences. Go to “Preferences” and you can find 4 tabs where you can configure your settings. Step 3: Start capturing

I actually strongly suggest not to re-sample up to 300 DPI it will create a lot of dithering. Which is no good for OCR. Some engines like Nuance and ABBYY are smart enough to know how to deal with fonts on 72 dpi images.

The OCR engine in the MODI library is using an old version of Nuance which will be substantially better than Capture2Text and Tesseract.

Top 5 Tools to OCR Screenshot for Free in 2019, ABBYY Screenshot Reader turns text within any image captured from your screen Powered by award winning ABBYY OCR (Optical Character Recognition)  Equipped with powerful Google OCR engine, Easy Screen OCR can turn images into editable text with the highest accuracy. Best Text Scanner Support screenshot OCR.

I just added that code of scaling the image two times bigger and it recognizes numbers perfectly!

Bitmap b = new Bitmap(width * 2, height * 2);
using (Graphics g1 = Graphics.FromImage((Image)b))
    g1.InterpolationMode = System.Drawing.Drawing2D.InterpolationMode.HighQualityBicubic;
    g1.DrawImage(newBitmap, 0, 0, width * 2, height * 2);

Easy Screen OCR, Greenshot has a feature like that, but you need to have Microsoft Office installed. Take a screenshot of the desired area (using the Print Screen key). Want to OCR images and extract the text from the images for editing? Now, try the free online OCR services provided by Easy ScreenOCR. Easy to use and the process is super fast. Just drag and drop your pictures, and wait for a while. Our online OCR tool will upload your images and perform the OCR process with its powerful OCR technology.

The idea is anytime a new screenshot files appear in the folder run tesseract OCR on it and open in a file editor.

You can use below script in Linux or in Windows with WSL (Ubuntu on Windows)

You can leave this running script in the output directory of your favorite screen shot output directory

#cat wait_for_it.sh
inotifywait -m . -e create -e moved_to |
    while read path action file; do
        echo "The file '$file' appeared in directory '$path' via '$action'"
        cd "$path"
        if [ ${file: -4} == ".png" ]; then
                tesseract "$file" "$file"
                sleep 1
                gedit "$file".txt &


You will need this to be istalled

sudo apt install tesseract-ocr
sudo apt install inotify-tools

I use it with Shutter on Ubuntu and with Greenshot on Windows with WSL(Ubuntu on Windows)

Convert Screen Content to Editable Format with ABBYY Screenshot , Screenotate is a screenshot-taking tool which uses OCR to recognize text + remembers added context, so you can search through your screenshots. Accurate OCR is an unsolved problem. Works reasonably on printed text, the kind that's rendered with 2400 dpi and scanned at no less than 600 dpi. Screenshots are 96 dpi, often intentionally blurry due to anti-aliasing. And less, your letters are only 6 pixels high.

Is there a utility to do OCR on images on the windows clipboard , Save the image and repeat with the next one. In this configuration, SimpleIndex captures an image of the data entry window, then uses OCR to read the data and​  Easy Screen OCR is a Windows tool that lets you take screenshots in a quick and effective way without having to use external programs to save the output.

Screenotate: Take screenshots you can search, with automatic OCR, Today I want to consider one awesome thing — OCR (optical character recognition or optical character reader) and try to use it in mobile  ShareX ShareX is a free and open source program that lets you capture or record any area of your screen and share it with a single press of a key. It also allows uploading images, text or other types of files to over 80 supported destinations.

Screenshot OCR Pages - SimpleIndex, Learn how to extract text from a file folder, PDF, screenshot or image without programs that use Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to analyze the letters and  Unlike many notetaking, screenshot, and OCR services, Screenotate is a desktop app, not a cloud service. The OCR engine runs on your computer, not in the cloud. Your screenshot data neverleaves your computer, unless you put your screenshot files on a service like Dropbox or

  • Check this this can help you... stackoverflow.com/a/21496107/3051661
  • Accurate OCR is an unsolved problem. Works reasonably on printed text, the kind that's rendered with 2400 dpi and scanned at no less than 600 dpi. Screenshots are 96 dpi, often intentionally blurry due to anti-aliasing. And less, your letters are only 6 pixels high. A program like Capture2Text was specifically engineered for screenshots so is likely to be tweaked enough to have a shot at it. Don't do it.
  • Tesseract Wiki (FAQ, ImproveQuality) recommends that resolution.
  • 300 dpi is the recommended setting in general for any OCR-related image processing.