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I'm trying to extract data from a span with BeautifulSoup from two differents way

import requests
import bs4

url ='https://www.futbin.com/19/player/477/Jordan%20Henderson/'
page = requests.get(url).content
soup = bs4.BeautifulSoup(page, 'lxml')

price1 = soup.find("div", {"class": "bin_price lbin"}).span.contents
price2 = soup.select('#ps-lowest-1')


It gave me two results

[u'\n', <span id="ps-lowest-1">-</span>, u'\n']
[<span id="ps-lowest-1">-</span>]
[Finished in 1.0s]

Now I would like to extract data (the price) from this span and I can't Thank you for your help.

The data you wanted is come from XHR or Ajax, first you need to extract the ID then use it for getting JSON content.

import requests
from bs4 import BeautifulSoup

url ='https://www.futbin.com/19/player/477/Jordan%20Henderson/'
page = requests.get(url).text
soup = BeautifulSoup(page, 'html.parser')

playerId = soup.find(id="page-info")['data-baseid'] # 183711

jsonURL = url ='https://www.futbin.com/19/playerPrices?player=' + playerId
jsonObj = requests.get(url).json()
# print(jsonObj)

psLowestPrice = jsonObj[playerId]['prices']['ps']['LCPrice']

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The actual prices are not present in the HTML you get inside the page variable. Prices are loaded dynamically via a separate request in your browser.

You could simulate that request in your code as well:

from pprint import pprint
import requests

url ='https://www.futbin.com/19/playerPrices?player=183711'
page = requests.get(url).json()


Would print:

{u'183711': {u'prices': {u'pc': {u'LCPrice': u'1,500',
                                 u'LCPrice2': u'1,500',
                                 u'LCPrice3': u'1,500',
                                 u'LCPrice4': u'1,500',
                                 u'LCPrice5': u'1,500',
                                 u'MaxPrice': u'10,000',
                                 u'MinPrice': u'700',
                                 u'PRP': u'8',
                                 u'updated': u'49 mins ago'},
                         u'ps': {u'LCPrice': u'1,300',
                                 u'LCPrice2': u'1,300',
                                 u'LCPrice3': u'1,300',
                                 u'LCPrice4': u'1,300',
                                 u'LCPrice5': u'1,300',
                                 u'MaxPrice': u'10,000',
                                 u'MinPrice': u'700',
                                 u'PRP': u'6',
                                 u'updated': u'25 mins ago'},
                         u'xbox': {u'LCPrice': u'1,500',
                                   u'LCPrice2': u'1,500',
                                   u'LCPrice3': u'1,600',
                                   u'LCPrice4': u'1,600',
                                   u'LCPrice5': u'1,600',
                                   u'MaxPrice': u'10,000',
                                   u'MinPrice': u'700',
                                   u'PRP': u'8',
                                   u'updated': u'30 mins ago'}}}}

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bs4 select gives you a list of matched tags. Following your example, what about doing:

price1 = soup.find("div", {"class": "bin_price lbin"}).span.contents
price2 = soup.select('#ps-lowest-1')

Access the text inside the first element in the list:


Or check all:

for elem in price2:

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  • Tip: Open developer toos and check which resources the page is requesting. A XHR request is loading the content to the page, parse it directly.