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I am using Sublime Text 2.0.2 on OS X (10.8.5). Most of the times, when I work on a project, I open the according folder so that it shows in the sidebar. Until now this has always been working perfectly.

Now I cloned a really big repository with lots and lots of folders and files, deeply nested within each other. To be exact: It's 20894 files within 4326 folders.

When I open the top-most folder of this repository, everything looks normal - but some folders appear as empty folders. Hence it looks like as if there were no files, although there definitely are some, even folders will not be shown.

It looks as if Sublime cuts everything below a certain folder and refuses to show it.

Does anybody know what causes this behavior and how to fix it?

Just waiting doesn't help: Although it may be that Sublime works in the background to read the tree, even after two hours of waiting nothing happened to the not-shown files and folders. So apparently there must be another problem.

And, as pointed out in the comments: There is no exclusion pattern.

In Sublime's console it says:

scan: /some/folder has been seen before, skipping (using inode)
previous path: /some/other/folder inode: 27425614.

The folder /some/folder is missing. It may be that this is correlated, but I'm not sure. Any ideas?

Please note that this question is actually not related to programming itself, but to a tool commonly used by software developers (there's even a tag for it). As the FAQ states that question related to such tools are fine, I posted it here.

Sublime does not show all files and folders in its sidebar, I am using Sublime Text 2.0.2 on OS X (10.8.5). Most of the times, when I work on a project, I open the according folder so that it shows in the  If you've got any time of file synchronization utility running, its likely eating up all of those resources and not allowing sublime to watch the folders/files in the project tree. Sign up for free to join this conversation on GitHub .

I had a similar issue with folders displaying incorrectly.

What worked for me was deleting the .sublime-workspace file and then open the project again.

All files and folders missing in Sidebar · Issue #62 · sublimehq , Mac and Linux users with the Sidebar not showing any files. If a project is opened in SublimeText 2, then in SublimeText 3, the workspace file  All you need to do is to actually drag & drop the whole folder into the editor, not only one file Now you can use SublimeText Sidebar to create new file, delete etc. License

As it seems, this is a well-known bug in Sublime Text, which ( at the moment) is still there in version 3. See this link for details.

Sublime not showing folder structure, I am using Sublime Text 2.0.2 on OS X (10.8.5). Most of the times, when I work on a project, I open the according folder so that it  Whenever I change a file name or add a new file in Sublime Text 3 Build 3065 on Mac OS X 10.9.4, the 'Folder Menu' sidebar on the left does not reflect the change. I can view the updated files / folders in Finder and Terminal but Sublime Text 3 doesn't reflect it.

project settings:

"follow_symlinks": false,

this removes your symlinks from the directory view but all target folders will be displayed correctly.

Sublime does not show all files and folders in its sidebar, Open new files and folders in the same window in Sublime Text, Multiple And get the similar result and all projects are in one environment and one sidebar as the above picture. You will see each project has its own environment! I could not reach such config in Linux/Ubuntu if you find it please let me  1, Check menu "View --> Side Bar --> Show Side Bar " (for OS X) Menu "File --> Open -->select folder and open button" (folder, not the file) Or drag and drop the selected folder on the "Sublime Text" window.

This can also happen if there is a symbolic link to that directory in another directory which is included in the project.

This happened to my on a django project, where the .egg-info contained symbolic links to the templates and static directories.

I simply added *.egg-info to folder_exclude_patterns:

"folder_exclude_patterns": [".svn", ".git", ".hg", "CVS",
"node_modules", "__pycache__", "*.egg-info"],

Open files Projects/folders in Sublime Text 3 in a new super tab in , Ditch sidebar and browse your files in a normal tab with keyboard, like a pro! Or clone this repo into your SublimeText Packages directory and rename it to This plugin does not add any keybindings for opening a new tab in Browse Mode​. so files can be renamed directly in the view using all of your SublimeText tools​:  Sublime was not auto-refreshing the sidebar to show any changes I was making. To fix this.. -Close sublime. -rename your application folder to anything. -change your application folder to its original name. -open sublime back up. If that does not work.. -Close Sublime. -Copy application folder.

FileBrowser - Packages, When adding a folder to a Sublime Text 2 project, it doesn't seem to show .git subfolders. It also seems these files cannot be opened by Ctrl-P . I disabled the Git  Right-click on the folder in the Sublime Text sidebar and select SFTP/FTP Map to Remote… Set the type, host, user and password options as appropriate for your server. Then also configure the following options: save_before_upload true Ensures if a trigger an upload that the file will be saved first. upload_on_save true Ensures a file is sent to the server whenever you save it.

How to have Sublime Text 2 show git folders and files in the sidebar , A lot of the times I will have 20+ files open in the sidebar (PHP models, views, file system, since my file organization is usually a bit different due to the shows up in the FOLDERS category, when you add a folder to the project. You don't need to save the file, but Sublime shows the contents of the first line in the sidebar. Sidebar Enhancement Package Sublime Text 3 All best packages and how to use them. Sublime SFTP Folder Sync With Map To Remote Sublime Text Sidebar Gesture with Better Touch Tool

It should be possible to organize sidebar items into , You can use Ctrl + K + B to open and close the side bar. then press K and release it, finally, you press the U key, do not release the Ctrl key in the process. To turn Stop hidden files and folders from showing in the sidebar. Select "Add Folder to Project" from the Project menu. That displays the folder structure. But you have to leave OPEN FILES list open in the sidebar too, or you don't get to see the tabs across the top.

  • Do you have any exclude patterns in your sublime settings or in the default sublime settings file?
  • No, I don't… though of this as well, but unfortunately that's not the solution :-(. Anyway, thanks for the hint!
  • Expect what I mentioned within my question it doesn't say anything.
  • It's 2020 and I still ecounter this bug with Linux build 3211
  • Okay, understood. What does "take time" mean? It's clear that you can not give me an exact answer as this depends on the individual folder, but are we talking seconds, minutes, hours, …?
  • I would guess around 10-15 minutes. I actually see files popping up in the originally empty folders.
  • Hm, okay … I waited for around 2 hours, but it didn't help. No files appeared :-((
  • I guess you are using subl <folder> in console to open the folder. I usually save the project ("Project" -> "Save Project As"), then you can "Project" -> "Edit Project" to fine tune project settings. follow_symlinks seems to be a ST3 option.
  • @GoloRoden, I was hit by the same issue and posted a work around. See if it is helpful to you.
  • where is the .sublime-workspace file?
  • It will be in the same project folder. For example if you created a project called "Website-Fitzy" there will be two files called "Website-Fitzy.sublime-project" and "Website-Fitzy.sublime-workspace" in the folder.
  • Unfortunately the link is broken. If you could have provided a short (2, 3 liner) description to the associated link, that would have helped or maybe would have guided us to look/search in that particular direction. Hope you understand. Thanks and Cheers :-)