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I'm wondering how to ignore a parent style and use the default style (none). I'll show my specific case as an example but I'm pretty sure this is a general question.

#elementId select {

<div id="elementId">
    <select name="funTimes" style="" size="5">
        <option value="test1">fish</option>
        <option value="test2">eat</option>
        <option value="test3">cows</option>

Ways I do not want to solve this problem:

  • I cannot edit the stylesheet where the "#elementId select" is set, my module won't have access that.
  • Preferably not override the height style using the style attribute.

For example using firebug i can turn off the parent style and all is well, this is the effect I am going for.

Once a style is set, can it be disabled or must it be overridden?

It must be overridden. You could use:

<!-- Add a class name to override -->
<select name="funTimes" class="funTimes" size="5">

#elementId select.funTimes {
   /* Override styles here */

Make sure you use !important flag in css style e.g. margin-top: 0px !important What does !important mean in CSS?

You could use an attribute selector, but since that isn't supported by legacy browsers (read IE6 etc), it's better to add a class name

How do I remove specific styles from the parent theme css using the , The only way to "remove" styles from the parent theme is to override them in your child theme's css. For example if you have the following declaration in your  Method 1. A good way to do it is by setting the overflowing element to position:fixed (which will make it ignore the parent overflow), and then positioning it relative to the parent using this technique: .parent { position: relative; .fixed-wrapper { position: absolute; .fixed { position: fixed; } } }

You could turn it off by overriding it like this:

height:auto !important;

CSS !important: Don't Use It. Do This Instead – UX Engineer, You can find examples of different types of style sheets here. 2. Inheritance¶. HTML uses parent-child relationships. A child element will usually inherit the  The parent table has a css class applied to it which is table-bordered. Its a twitter bootstrap style element. I don't want that style to be applied to the child table. How can I do this ? I do not want the lines that appear in between the table cells for the child table.

This got bumped to the top because of an edit ... The answers have gotten a bit stale, and not as useful today as another solution has been added to the standard.

There is now an "all" shorthand property.

#elementId select.funTimes {
   all: initial;

This sets all css properties to their initial value ... note some of the initial values are inherit; Resulting in some formatting still taking place on the element.

Because of that pause required when reading the code or reviewing it in the future, don't use it unless you most as the review process is a point where errors/bugs can be made! when editing the page. But clearly if there are a large number of properties that need to be reset, then "all" is the way to go.

Standard is online here:

How to Override CSS Styles, I'm wondering how to ignore a parent style and use the default style (none). I'll show my specific case as an example but I'm pretty sure this is a general question  Cascading Style Sheet are designed for inheritance. Inheritance is intrinsic to their existence. If it wasn't built to be cascading, they would only be called "Style Sheets". That said, if an inherited style doesn't fit your needs, you'll have to override it with another style closer to the object. Forget about the notion of "blocking inheritance".

you can create another definition lower in your CSS stylesheet that basically reverses the initial rule. you could also append "!important" to said rule to make sure it sticks.

How to ignore parent css style - css - html, !important css keyword in your stylesheets to override inherited styles, you want to simply wipe out or remove a style defined in a parent? That’s indeed a nice example where the parent selector could be used. But do you want to style the ‘a’ or the ‘li’? Because if you want to style the ‘a’ you can just ignore the fact that it’s contained in a ‘li’ and do.

You should use this

height:auto !important;

Wiping Out Inherited CSS Styles · Adventures in HttpContext, inherit : the selected element inherits all of its parent element's styling, including styles that are not normally inheritable. unset : the selected  add a comment |. 32. 0. Assuming you could set a unique class or id on that element you could use the (limited browser support) property alland set it to unsetor initial. Something like. <div class="ignore-css"><div>. and. .ignore-css{all:unset;} share|improve this answer|follow |.

all, How to ignore parent CSS styles? Posted 2 years ago by Chris1904. Hi everyone​,. I am building a Vue application that lets customers implement  How to ignore style definitions for a specific element? I tested these nested links in Opera and it worked. I want to create a Proxomitron filter that will replace one link by two links on every web page that is downloaded by my Opera browser.

How to ignore parent CSS styles?, I know you can override styles but I want to disable all styles within a div. It inherits its style from somewhere - if not from anything in your CSS then from need to worry about would be the properties that were inherited from the parent. This directory requires `style.css` just like the parent directory and it will be loaded on the site after the parent theme’s `style.css` file so that any styles contained in the child theme version will override the parent. Don’t you wish that’s how your teenage years worked?

Is it possible to disabling inheritance within an element?, css ignore all inherited styles css to prevent child element from inheriting parent styles override css with inline style css override inline style without important If I want to create a CSS class that ignores all parent attributes, is there a way to do that? For example, I want to all an unordered list with a specific font-family, but a parent class would change the font size or coloring.

  • I keep getting nagged saying You should avoid the !important wherever you can
  • I would advise against using !important in your production markup - it should really only be used when debugging.
  • @Amicable can you explain why this is not advisable?
  • @pipo_dev there are a lot of articles online which could explain it better than I could in a comment and with examples. It a nutshell, it's a hack. 99% of the time it's used in lei of a proper fix which would result in better and more maintainable CSS. Some acceptable uses of !important include utility classes and backwards compatibility hacks for ancient browsers like IE7
  • deosnt work. pagnation is the last td in the table. .detailTable td{ width: 50%; } .pagnation{ width: 100% !important; }
  • I don't agree with @Amicable. There really is no alternative to using !important when you're stuck with a parent theme that you have no control over but still want to override.
  • I'm building a modal do block websites, this was be solution for my HTML tags not being overwrites by the websites styles.
  • Can you explain why one should use typescript for such a simple requirement?