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Can anyone tell whats wrong with my code? I have tried a million different things and I cant seem to make it work. I need to make a select in my mysql database and use the id from the table with the specified name I take from a combobox.

I took that name from the combobox and put it into a variable named "nomeres", now I need to do a select with it and take the id from that name from the database. Everything I try to do results in a mysql syntax error in line 1, but I've tried alot of things and its always the same. The database is fine, I tried the select directly from it myself, no tables or columns names are incorrect. This is the code im using:

MySql.Data.MySqlClient.MySqlConnection dbConn = new MySql.Data.MySqlClient.MySqlConnection("Persist Security Info=False;server=localhost;database=notas;uid=root;password=" + dbpwd);

MySqlCommand cmd = dbConn.CreateCommand();
cmd.CommandText = "SELECT id from residentes WHERE nome ='" + nomeres;

} catch (Exception erro) {
    MessageBox.Show("Erro" + erro);

MySqlDataReader reader = cmd.ExecuteReader();

while (reader.Read())
    idnumber = reader.ToString();

You need to terminate the string in the query:

"SELECT id from residentes WHERE nome ='" + nomeres + "'"

In general, when trying to debug this type of code, it helps to print out the query string after all substitutions have been made.

How to use MySql select with c#, You need to terminate the string in the query: "SELECT id from residentes WHERE nome ='" + nomeres + "'". In general, when trying to debug  We check for the version of the MySQL database. This time using an SQL query. var stm = "SELECT VERSION()"; This is the SQL SELECT statement. It returns the version of the database. The VERSION() is a built-in MySQL function. var cmd = new MySqlCommand(stm, con); The MySqlCommand is an object which is used to execute a query on the database. The parameters are the SQL statement and the connection object.

as others have already pointed you towards right direction, i would like to suggest you to use parameterised queries to avoid SQL injection attacks.

Your query is open to SQL injection attacks so please read here

Try This: using parameterised SQL queries

cmd.CommandText = "SELECT id from residentes WHERE nome = @nome";

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 cmd.CommandText = "SELECT id from residentes WHERE nome ='" + nomeres + "';";

actually you misses the semicolon of the query that have to enter within the quotes. and the second semicolon is for the end of statement. But I preffer wo write commands like

 cmd.CommandText = "SELECT id from residentes WHERE nome = @nome";
 cmd.Parameters.AddWithValues("@nome", variableName);

then execute the query and retrieve your results.

Select,Insert,Update,Delete Data in MySQL using C#, This example shows how to insert ,update, delete and select data in MySQL. Firstly, you should install MySql Data Connector. Working with DML (Insert, Update, Select, Delete) Open connection to the database. Create a MySQL command. Assign a connection and a query to the command. This can be done using the constructor, or using the Connection and the CommandText methods in the Create a MySqlDataReader object to read

Missing single quote:

"SELECT id from residentes WHERE nome ='" + nomeres + "'";

Insert, Update, Delete, Display Data in MySQL Using C#, We can use MySQL with C#, Java, and many other languages. ExecuteReader​(); // Here our query will be executed and data saved into the  php,mysql,mysqli,sql-injection,sql-insert. In the New PHP code snippet, you are still vulnerable to injections. You are using a prepared statement in the insert part, but you are not actually using the preparations strengths correctly. When creating a prepared statement, you create a query in which you add placeholders instead of the raw

Connect C# to MySQL, I will create simple examples about the DML (Insert, Update, Select, Delete) throughout the article to show how to query the database using C#,  select clause (C# Reference) 07/20/2015; 6 minutes to read +3; In this article. In a query expression, the select clause specifies the type of values that will be produced when the query is executed.

c# MySQL SELECT AND WHERE problem - MSDN, in your query you are using single quotes is the Firm Id field of type string? if not then use the query as string query = "SELECT * FROM depTab  When a connection has been established with the MySQL database, the next step is do carry out the desired database operations. This can be achieved through the use of the MySqlCommand object. You will see how to create a MySqlCommand object. After it has been created, there are three main methods of interest that you can call:

MySQL Database Queries (SELECT - INSERT, Now the following steps will show how to connect to a MySQL database using C#. Step 1. Open MySQL Admin page and create a new database. Step 2. After creating the new database, create a new table. Step 3. After creating the new table, open Visual Studio and click on New Project and name the project.

  • next time you attempt the command, I highly recommend trying the sql command on a test table or, on the real table. Possibly doing this with PHPMyAdmin or something along those lines.
  • Same error: You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near ' SELECT id from residentes WHERE nome ='afslavas'' at line 1
  • Btw, it highlights the "MySqlDataReader" line when shows this error. Dont know if that is relevant.
  • Do not do this. This introduces a SQL injection vulnerability, and there's no excuse for not using parameterized queries these days (especially with a library like Dapper). It also will break if you have a literal single quote in your variable.
  • @gregmac . . . BTW, I agree. You should really be using parameters for the query.
  • Thx for the tip, but it will be a local application.
  • @user3126468: though it is a local application you could use parameterised queries as they also take care of DatTypes to be passed properly.
  • @martin.koch You can still be attacked from someone/something locally. Your code may 'grow up' and end up being used for something bigger and internet-facing. This is how a lot of bad/insecure code gets into production, frankly. Parameters are not difficult to use, and I'd argue they are actually easier as they avoid all the nonsense of escaping values, type conversion, plus your SQL is far more readable.