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I have hosted a single static HTML page using GitHub Pages. I need to add a "Send Feedback" feature to my static page where a user can type in his name, email, comments and click the SUBMIT button. This will send an email with the contents to my email address. Can this somehow work in a static HTML page on GitHub? Does GitHub Pages support this mailing feature?

I also want to know what features/plugins etc can GitHub Pages server support based on the underlying web server it uses?

This cannot be done natively on GitHub pages. You will need to use some kind of form submission tool.

GitHub's pages documentation describes what you can and cannot do with the hosting, and what plugins it supports.

Adding interactive forms on your Github pages using, allows you to add functionality to your static form without the use of PHP, JavaScript or using a back-end. You will only need to add a few lines of HTML to your form and voila! This will send you an email asking to confirm your email address. This is a sample form hosted on github pages. :email: An Example of using an HTML form (e.g: "Contact Us" on a website) to send Email without a Backend Server (using a Google Script) perfect for static websites that need to collect data.

Yes it can be done this way with the help of formspee.


HTML forms Just send your form to our URL and we'll forward it to your email. No PHP, Javascript or sign up required — perfect for static sites!You just need to open your text editor, and paste the following code:

<form action=""><input type="email" name="_replyto"><textarea   name="body"></textarea><input type="submit" value="Send"></form>

That's it, your form already works! It will post the form onto an external domain,, and send you an email with all the form content. No database. And you can just hit reply in your mailbox to continue the conversation with your visitor.

This tool was built by the guys from Brace, then open-sourced and hosted by Assembly.

Setting it up is easy and free. Here's how:

You don't even have to register.

  1. Setup the HTML form

Change your form's action-attribute to this and replace with your own email.

  1. Submit the form and confirm your email address

Go to your website and submit the form once. This will send you an email asking to confirm your email address, so that no one can start sending you spam from random websites.

  1. All set, receive emails

From now on, when someone submits that form, we'll forward you the data as email.

Create a static webpage with a contact form on Github pages, GitHub pages allow you to host a website directly from your GitHub. It can host static websites that take HTML, CSS, and JavaScript files straight The email input box should be auto filled with the email address used to  By the end of this process you’ll have your custom email address set up to send and receive email, all of which routes to a secondary email account like gmail through a cloud email service. That way you avoid the need for a web host and can manage all of your email through a single account. Step 1: Sign up with an enterprise email solution

Github pages doesn't support php and some of the other backend stuff you'd need for this. A simple approach is to just create a google form which corresponds to your html form and use the action submit to that. It is a bit trickier to do it with out a redirect but it can be done.

Here's how I did it:

Send email from static page hosted on GitHub Pages, I have hosted a single static HTML page using GitHub Pages. I need to add a "​Send Feedback" feature to my static page where a user can type in his name,  We now have a token generated, so we can create our website in Publii and give it access to our Github page. Creating our static website on Github Pages. We already have our access token, so this will allow Publii to access our Github Page to upload the website files, but now we have to actually create the area on Github where our site will go.

How to add a working contact form on a Github pages website, I suppose by “contact form”, you mean something where you input a name, some other information, a message and send it to the server, to a script that will record Philippe Lhoste, Writing HTML since 3.2 (at least!) But GitHub hosting offers no DB, no server-side script, and of course, no file writing except by Git push… The user just has to download a handful of files that run in her browser, and these files can be hosted on GitHub Pages or Amazon S3 for free (or close-to-free). But when you need code to run on

Yes it can, there are many apps around the web that allows you to send emails from you static HTML with a couple of javascript lines. Some of them are mandrillapp, sendgrid, among others, and the best of them, they are all free !

Custom Email Domain via Gmail when GitHub Pages is Your Web , How to set up email with a custom domain when you don't have a web server, maybe because your site is hosted on GitHub pages. Any GitHub repository with a Jekyll config can automatically become a hosted static site, which a and we'll deliver the best stories for you to your homepage and inbox. I expect GitHub made the decision to only allow static pages as part of their free service because it significantly reduces the cost of providing the feature at all.

dwyl/learn-to-send-email-via-google-script-html-no-server, Send Email from a Static HTML Form using Google Apps Mail! example here: This is a sample form hosted on github pages. Here is a list of a few extra options and what it allows you to do. 1. _next. By default, after submitting a form the user is shown the Formspree

About GitHub Pages, You can use GitHub Pages to host a website about yourself, your organization, GitHub Pages is a static site hosting service that takes HTML, CSS, and not be able to serve your site, or you may receive a polite email from GitHub Support  Head over to GitHub and create a new repository named, where username is your username (or organization name) on GitHub. If the first part of the repository doesn’t exactly match your username, it won’t work, so make sure to get it right.

How to create a contact form for a GitHub Pages served Jekyll website, I have recently put together a Jekyll website hosted in GitHub Pages here: tgarcia​ As you probably know, GitHub Pages serve static-only websites with a Captcha challenge - and for that I need a back-end to send this email. end not_found do'_site/404.html') end get '/*' do file_name  I have recently put together a Jekyll website hosted in GitHub Pages here: As you probably know, GitHub Pages serve static-only websites (which I will refer as front-end), which means there is no available back-end to create things such as contact form.

  • Probably the only way would be to post to another hosted file (PHP or other technology on another server). You can probably look in Google Forms or something like that.
  • Question for you: what happens if you use the AJAX Post Request method instead of just using the action attribute on the form tag? Will that send an e-mail without taking the user to Formspree's Thank You page?
  • Although I haven't tried it. But there is way to that. You can use Formspree via AJAX. This even works cross-origin. The trick is to set the Accept header to application/json. If you're using jQuery this can be done like so: $.ajax({ url: "//", method: "POST", data: {message: "hello!"}, dataType: "json" });
  • A heads up: it appears the AJAX method can only be used for gold-paying customers.
  • AJAX is supported for free again. See my longer update here:
  • My friend, that's called thinking outside of the box... What about security though? Those are plain HTML request
  • Really mandrill will do this? Is there a JavaScript API or something?