How to call a stored procedure in IBM System i Access for Windows GUI Tool

I would like to test a DB2 stored procedure running on an AS400 system.

I have the IBM System i Access for Windows installed and can run SQL commands against the DB2 database.

My question is: What is the syntax to execute a stored procedure that takes in a parameter and returns a result as an output parameter and print the value to the screen?

Just to clarify: I am not asking how to call the proc in code. I want to execute the proc and see the results in the gui tool (which is similar to SQL Enterprise Manager).

use the keyword call and pass in the parameters.

call myStoredProc(parm1, parm2, ?);

for more details see here The interesting part is Figure 5. Using the Command Editor to call an SQL procedure

IBM i database frequently asked questions, How to call a stored procedure in IBM System i Access for Windows GUI Tool. I would like to test a DB2 stored procedure running on an AS400 system. Any IBM i program can act as a stored procedure. i stored procedures support input, input/output and output parameters. They also support returning result sets, both single and multiple. The stored procedure program can return a result set by specifying a cursor to return (from an embedded SQL statement) or by specifying an array of values.

[PDF] Using SQL view and stored procedures with DB2 Web Query, Does IBM provide any graphical query interfaces for the system? How can I run SQL statements from a text file? How can I access another member using SQL​? Db2 for i also provides many functions, such as triggers, stored procedures, and Within System i Navigator, there is a tool for working with databases. This document provides a sample of calling an SQL stored procedure with the IBM DB2 UDB for iSeries .NET provider. Resolving The Problem The following example shows how to call stored procedures that return output parameters and multiple result sets using the IBM iSeries Access for Windows .NET data provider (IBM.Data.DB2.iSeries).

You should be able to run your SP like this:

 usr_in  YOUR_TABLE.YOUR_COLM%TYPE; --Gets the correct type by looking at column type

 usr_in:='some value';

 YOUR_SP_NAME(usr_in, app_in);  

Or you can use EXECUTE, but it can't be dynamically prepared (not run in Java) and I think there's some other disadvantages.

EXECUTE myStoredProc(parm1, parm2, ?);

Stored procedures ibm, Using SQL views and stored procedures with DB2 Web Query This white paper explains how IBM System i developers and database administrators can use row and column level through the use of the IBM DB2 Web Query tool. about performance repercussions that are associated with access-plan maintenance. To run a stored procedure, you can either call it from a client program or invoke it from the command line processor. Db2 11 - Application programming and SQL - Calling a stored procedure from your application

PC Mag, Sep 25, 2013 · Hi, What are the ways to call/execute a cobol stored procedure in How to call a stored procedure in IBM System i Access for Windows GUI Tool. The SQL CALL statement calls a stored procedure. On the CALL statement, the name of thestored procedure and any arguments are specified. Arguments may beconstants, special registers, host variables, or expressions. Theexternal stored procedure specified in the CALL statement does notneed to have a corresponding CREATE PROCEDURE statement.

Computerworld, IBM's approach to server-side programming is unusual in that it provides no Because of this danger, DB2 offers the option of running stored procedures in a Unlike most of its competitors, DB2 has no GUI tools for Windows NT, forcing us Microsoft's tool, as it allowed us not only to view the access method but to see a​  1. Expand the system where the stored procedures are currently registered. 2. Click on Databases.: 3. Click on the database that contains the procedures. 4. Click on Schemas. Note: If the schema is not listed, right click on schema and go to select schemas to display and add the library you want.

Execute Remote Stored Procedures from the iSeries, Each tool on the market also tends to support a distinct set of screen objects. as Guidance Technologies, Inc.'s Choreographer and Micro Data Base Systems, It can associate “data windows" (a type of screen object) with a SQL query so that access RDBMS-specific capabilities such as remote procedure calls, stored  Stored procedure calls are not allowed regardless of the type of IBM SQL/400 statement in the procedure. Attempting to call a stored procedure when the access mode is set to read only returns the following error: ODBC error: [IBM][Client Access Express ODBC Driver (32-bit)] Statement violates access rule: Connection is set to read-only.

  • ? is an output parameter
  • Downvote because no explanation and the link doesn't talk about SPs. How would I get return values?
  • @PhilipRego Did you look at Figure 5 and the paragraph right before it? It specifically tells you how to call a stored procedure from the GUI tool.
  • Doubt most people can even get access to that UI tool. You can't call them that way without a UI. You need to declare your variables.
  • @PhilipRego if you have a fully licensed IBM System i (sometimes referred to as iSeries or AS400) sitting around, chances are you also can get IBM System i Access for Windows installed on you system. If you don't like that tool, you can always download IBM Data Studio (free tool) from the IBM webpage. That tool is able to connect to the iSeries.
  • Thanks - I'm new to DB2, and have been trying to figure this out for three weeks. I hadn't thought to use ? (was trying to use declare variable as I would in SQL Server).