Type 'String' is not a subtype of type 'int' of 'index'

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My App can authenticate successfully when debugging against the Android emulator, but if I try to authenticate using debugging against the physical device (with same OS version), an error message appears after more than one minute waiting:

Exception has occurred.

_TypeError (type 'String' is not a subtype of type 'int' of 'index')

The error message points to the following code:

        if (responseJson[AuthUtils.authTokenKey] != null) {
              userNameController.text, passwordController.text, responseJson);
        } else {

And in the DEBUG CONSOLE I get the following:

I/flutter ( 9531): Auth: SocketException: OS Error: Connection timed out, errno = 110, address = example.com, port = 38975 V/InputMethodManager( 9531): Starting input: tba=android.view.inputmethod.EditorInfo@4aece4e nm : example.com.todoapp ic=null

Here is the screenshot:

What am I doing wrong here ?

I believe that in the line:


You're referencing an item in the list responseJson by the index AuthUtils.authTokenKey

And since AuthUtils.authTokenKey is a String, you cannot use it as in index of an array.

So you need first to get the index of AuthUtils.authTokenKey then use it to reference the item:


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For my case responseJson was of dynamic data type what i did was to cast it to string.

change this


to this

String jsonsDataString = responseJson.toString();
final jsonData = jsonDecode(jsonsDataString);

//then you can get your values from the map
if(jsonData[AuthUtils.authTokenKey] != null){

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I had an issue very similar to this. It was caused by a conditional assignment to a var that was causing the type to change at run time. Take a look at what NetworkUtil.authencateUser is returning. I bet it's a Future Try changing it to a Future>.

Do you have a different SHA1 key for your emulator? That could be the cause of the differences between the two environments.

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Check whether the response is returning an Array of data.

{[{authTokenKey: 'asbc'}]}

In this case, you need to take the [0] element. Then you will get the Map in which you can access indexes with String values.

var authTokenElm = responseJson[0];
var authToken = authTokenElm[AuthUtils.authTokenKey];

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  • responseJson seems to be inferred as type List and expects an integer in the index accessor responseJson[intIndexhere], but AuthUtils.authTokenKey is a String which is not supported here. That would only be supported if responseJson would be a Map
  • Tried your solution, but instead getting the error message in the screenshot, I got the following: Could not load source 'dart:core/runtime/libstring_patch.dart': <source not available>.