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I am trying to save emojis along with text data to postgressql database with version PostgreSQL 9.4.15 and encoding UTF8 in my Spring MVC Web application. I had used database Default collation in utf8. I am able to save the emojis along with text data in the database, but while retrieving the rows using my dao method, it is showing an error like below.

Invalid character data was found. This is most likely caused by stored data containing characters that are invalid for the character set the database was created in. The most common example of this is storing 8bit data in an SQL_ASCII database.

My friend end is xamarin forms PCL project, Is there any way to fix this issue from front end itself or any solution from the backend?

Thanks in advance

It is very easy to solve this issue from the front end. Since your front end is xamarin forms you need to encode the contents before sending it into the server and decode the content when you retrieve.

 System.Net.WebUtility.UrlEncode(*string*); // Encode
 System.Net.WebUtility.UrlDecode(*string*); // Decode

Cannot store emoji in database, Make sure all your tables' default character sets and text fields are converted hi i have used EMOJI in android and i stored it to orm database using EMOJI_INDEX.I saved in db in normal message in string form but when i get that time i check  Emojis help us perform those actions via text,” explains Dr. Monica Riordan, an experimental psychologist whose recent study analyzes the psychology and affect of emojis.

Another option to try: Client needs to encode message in base 64 before sending to server and decode back to base 64 before returning the data back to client. This should make the emojis work on the client applications.

Comment with emoji fails to save with DataAccessException error in , When this workaround is in place, you will see the following error in the the improvement request here: JRASERVER-36135 - Getting issue details. a successful roll-out of your code that you would like to insert emojis like Jira application connected to MySQL database server with UTF8 collation. I try to save names from users from a service in my MySQL database. Those names can contain emojis like 🙈😂😱🍰 (just for examples) After searching a little bit I found this stackoverflow linking to this tutorial.

You may have to refer the following article The ultimate guide to Emojis to get some insight in to how this can be handled.

Saving "special" emoji in text fields causes 'Control character error , When saving "special" emoji within text fields (such as 🦄), causes this error: Invalid table and what gets saved in the data column when a "special" emoji is used. added “body can not contain emoji error message” #2739. Emojis, emoticons, formatting text with color or special fonts, attaching photos or videos - all are MORE than SMS - Simple Message Service.SIMPLE, text only messages.

Saving Emoticons/Unicode from Twitter to a MySQL Database , MySQL was returning the error message 'SQLSTATE[HY000]: General error: In order to save emoticons and other unicode not supported by MySQL's utf8 we I always get 'bear' and 'bare' muddled up. Text =Encoding. This video is about how to enable Predictive Emoji in iMessage. For more info, please visit our page:

Support utf8mb4 so notes can save Emojis and other good things , After only removing the emoji characters from the text, the note saved correctly. Characters I did get my database changed over to utf8mb4 with utf8mb4_bin on a test site. However #0 /wp-basedir/civicrm/civicrm/CRM/Core/Error.php(​190):  In our case, we’ve only got one row – but in your real-life data, you’ll be much happier knowing which row’s triggering the error: Transact-SQL Msg 2628, Level 16, State 1, Line 9 String or binary data would be truncated in table 'StackOverflow2013.dbo.CoolPeople', column 'PrimaryCar'.

Solved: How can you get text including Emojis into a data-, But I just can't get Emojis into InDesign via Data Merge, only when I I'm using a few formulas to prepare the texts for InDesign, and a script to determine Open a text editor, copy the below script into it, and save it as However, when I run your script to decode the url-encoded text, I get an error message. hstegall, I apologize if the emoji function is not a setting you'd like enabled. In review of all features and settings for the Keyboards, it doesn't have one to disable them.

  • use a different character set