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Can someone guide me to convert the above varbinary(max) to xml format (decrypt) in sql server 2005?

When I tried cast data as xml I get this error:

XML parsing: line 0, character 0, unrecognized input signature

I know it's been a while since you asked this but I think this is what you're looking for:


I'm using this with good results

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Alex is correct. If you write out the binary to file and unzip it it contains a file which is an XML file.

Here's the beginning of it

<Order xmlns="" xmlns:i="">
  <customerId /> 
  <customerStatus i:nil="true" /> 
  <contacts /> 
  <companyName /> 
  <tradingName /> 
  <billingAccounts /> 
  <attributes /> 

What you do with this depends on your needs. For example if you just need this one file you can copy it into the Hex Editor of your choice and save it. Then use a gzip client to decompress it.

If on the other hand you need to migrate the data it will depend on your capabilities and the requirements

Convert Binary Data to XML in a select – SQLServerCentral, The PDF form data is saved in an xFDF format to an XML column in the database. I need to know if I can easily convert the binary file he saves back into the original SET @obfoo = CAST(@cmds AS VARBINARY(MAX)). Converting String Data to XML . In SQL Server, you can convert data configured with any of the character or binary data types-such as CHAR, VARCHAR, and VARBINARY-to the XML data type. You can use the CAST() or CONVERT() function to explicitly cast the data to a different type, or you can let SQL Server implicitly convert the data.

In SQL Server 2016, We have an option of COMPRESS(...) and DECOMPRESS(...) function to convert XML to varbinary(max) and vice-versa.

VARBINARY(MAX) to XML – SQLServerCentral, I have a column in VARBINARY(MAX) and I want its data to convert it to XML. Can someone please provide me a simple query.I tried looking  In SQL Server 2005 and later versions, you can use xml value() method with the XQUERY functions to convert the binary data into a hexadecimal string. The xml value() method let you extract the value of a specified XML node as a scalar value and then converts the value to a specified SQL Server data type.

Convert varbinary to varchar(MAX) and add some XML, I m trying to convert a VARBINARY (PDF file) to a nvarchar and add @fileK2 NVARCHAR(MAX); select @fileK2=cast(N'' as xml).value('xs:  Fortunately the VARBINARY data type was introduced with SQL Server 2005. In this article we will show how this datatype can be used to store word documents. To prepare for this example we will need to create a word doc, and place in a folder, that is accessible by our SQL instance.

Define the Serialization of XML Data, For example: Copy. select CAST(CAST(N'<Δ/>' as XML) as VARCHAR(MAX)). This may result in an error, if the current collation's code page  I have a couple of PDF and TXT files which i convert to byte[] and write it into a VARBINARY field in a SQL db. When i retrieve the VARBINARY data into the respective formats (PDF/TXT) i see that the data in the file is all messed up.

Deconstructing XML Context from SQL Server, Recently I have had a requirement to deconstruct XML in SQL Server and In my simplest example, I'll be using a snapshot of XML from books (you can Convert (xml, ( CONVERT (varbinary( max ), Content))) as my_xml. Solution: SELECT CONVERT(XML, CONVERT (VARCHAR(MAX), CONVERT(VARBINARY(MAX), dbo.Catalog.CONTENT)) --this converts to When you have to change the value of a column (convert, etc.) to get the value you need, how do you then include that value in a WHERE clause?For instance, in the below script,

  • It's not XML, its a blob of binary data. 0x1f8b08 is a gzip signature, is it gzipped data? if so your better off pulling the data back and using a gzip library in a client language to decompress it
  • @Alex how did you know that 0x1f8b08 was the gzip signature
  • @Conrad Frix I saw the grouped nulls 000000 @ the beginning so knew it was binary and probably started with a header so I just googled for the 1st 3 bytes
  • select CONVERT(xml,(CONVERT(varbinary(max),<ColumnName>))) from <tableName> where <condition>