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This is probably very simple. I'm playing with webhooks and one of my tests throws a JSON dict data that I'm trying to copy/paste to my terminal and pprint it. However I'm getting errors. Why? Please help.

json.loads({"signature": {"timestamp": "1542320326", "token": "78b89c864547e371f7d708fcde9ccf3df937ce0e296cff8683", "signature": "822ae5f14a85dc25dacfd53a7ab1d55f03529aae0e8535d29758740924fde385"}, "event-data": {"tags": ["my_tag_1", "my_tag_2"], "timestamp": 1521233123.501324, "envelope": {"sending-ip": ""}, "log-level": "warn", "id": "-Agny091SquKnsrW2NEKUA", "campaigns": [], "user-variables": {"my_var_1": "Mailgun Variable #1", "my-var-2": "awesome"}, "flags": {"is-test-mode": false}, "message": {"headers": {"to": "Alice <>", "message-id": "", "from": "Bob <>", "subject": "Test complained webhook"}, "attachments": [], "size": 111}, "recipient": "", "event": "complained"}})

Traceback (most recent call last): File "", line 1, in NameError: name 'false' is not defined

In Python, false is not a valid type / expression. I think what you want is False. You can read more here.

As @Uku mentioned, you can use json.loads() to deal with this.

How to use JSON with Python, One of the reasons JSON might be used is to collect data from the Rhino model to be The JSON module is mainly used to convert the python dictionary above into a Reading in a JSON file uses the json.load() function. Now, you can convert a dictionary to JSON string using the json.dumps() method. The process of encoding the JSON is usually called the serialization.That term refers to the transformation of data into the series of bytes (hence serial) to be stored or transmitted across the network.

Json does not map directly to Python data structures.

you have to do json.loads("your string") instead. In JSON it's false, where's in Python we have False

for example

json.loads('{"signature": {"timestamp": "1542320326", "token": "78b89c864547e371f7d708fcde9ccf3df937ce0e296cff8683", "signature": "822ae5f14a85dc25dacfd53a7ab1d55f03529aae0e8535d29758740924fde385"}, "event-data": {"tags": ["my_tag_1", "my_tag_2"], "timestamp": 1521233123.501324, "envelope": {"sending-ip": ""}, "log-level": "warn", "id": "-Agny091SquKnsrW2NEKUA", "campaigns": [], "user-variables": {"my_var_1": "Mailgun Variable #1", "my-var-2": "awesome"}, "flags": {"is-test-mode": false}, "message": {"headers": {"to": "Alice <>", "message-id": "", "from": "Bob <>", "subject": "Test complained webhook"}, "attachments": [], "size": 111}, "recipient": "", "event": "complained"}}')

Python dict to json, dumps() is an inbuilt function that converts the dictionary to string object, not the json(dictionary) object! so you have to load your string into a dict  json.loads(s, *, cls=None, object_hook=None, parse_float=None, parse_int=None, parse_constant=None, object_pairs_hook=None, **kw) All arguments have the same meaning in both methods. The json.load() is used to read the JSON document from file and The json.loads() is used to convert the JSON String document into the Python dictionary.

json.loads expects a string as its argument. In order to make the JSON object you copied into a valid string literal in Python, you need to surround it with quotes.

Since the JSON string itself contains the " character, you have to use ':

json.loads('{"signature": {"timestamp": "1542320326", ... }}')

How To Convert Python Dictionary To JSON?, import json. # Data to be written. dictionary = {. "id" : "04" ,. "name" : "sunil" ,. "​depatment" : "HR". } # Serializing json. json_object = json.dumps(dictionary, indent  what im trying to do now is to convert this json to dictionary so i can use the data i received from the API. HOwever, an exception is thrown when it passes this code that i'm using to deserialize. Dictionary<object, object> temp = JsonConvert.DeserializeObject<Dictionary<object, object>>(response);

How to convert the dictionary to JSON in python – Linux Hint, You can convert any dictionary object into the JSON object by using dump() and dumps() methods of the json module. This method is used to convert the dictionary object into JSON data for parsing or reading and it is Import json module Let's reads it back and decoding the JSON-encoded string back into a Python dictionary data structure: # reads it back with open("4forces.json","r") as f: data = # decoding the JSON to dictionay d = json.loads(data)

How to Parse Data From JSON Into Python, Python uses the loads method from the json to load JSON from a string. Did you notice the quotes around that dictionary that you created for the  f.close () This function implements the inverse, more or less, of saving the file: an arbitrary variable ( f) represents the data file, and then the JSON module’s load function dumps the data from the file into the arbitrary team variable. The print statements in the code sample demonstrate how to use the data.

Converting dictionary to JSON, To Convert dictionary to JSON you can use the json.dumps() which converts a dictionary to str object, not a json(dict) object! so you have to  The dictionary can be found in plain text form here. You'll also find some julia files that were used to parse the text and organize it into the nice json you see here. Contents. dictionary.json: This is the raw data scraped from the dictionary. Unsurprisingly, it's in the format of a dictionary, i.e. { "Word": "Definition" }