How to close <img> tag properly?

<img src='stackoverflow.png'>
<img src='stackoverflow.png'></img>
<img src='stackoverflow.png' />

Which one(s) of them is correct?

<img src='stackoverflow.png' />

Works fine and closes the tag properly. Best to add the alt attribute for people that are visually impaired.

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This one is valid HTML5 and it is absolutely fine without closing it. It is a so-called void element:

<img src='stackoverflow.png'>

The following are valid XHTML tags. They have to be closed. The later one is also fine in HTML 5:

<img src='stackoverflow.png'></img>
<img src='stackoverflow.png' />

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The best use of tags you should use:

<img src="" alt=""/>

Also you can use in HTML5:

<img src="" alt="">

These two are completely valid in HTML5 Pick one of them and stick with that.

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Both the right answer. HTML5 follows strict rules and in HTML5 we can close all the tags. So, it depends on you to use HTML5 or HTML and follow an appropriate answer.

<img src='stackoverflow.png'>
<img src='stackoverflow.png' />

The second property is more appropriate.

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  • The question is "How to close an <img> tag properly?" which is a real question, and the answers are useful. This question should not have been closed.
  • The question, currently, is fine. It is not ambiguous, vague, incomplete, overly broad, or rhetorial. There is a great answer below as well.
  • I don't know which of the following answers is correct, but interestingly, Firefox's Code Inspector adds the </img> at the end of the tag if you don't put it there. And IE doesn't. This is significant in my universe.
  • P.S. Dreamweaver inserts the /> XHTML tag.
  • It is correct that <img /> is valid in [X]HTML/XML, though the use of XHTML is very rare nowadays and if your server is serving the pages as text/html all you have to worry about is writing valid HTML. The odds to have to migrate an HTML app to XHTML is close to nil.
  • The answer above will fail to validate with the W3C's HTML checker if targeting 4.01 Transitional and higher. Also see W3C Markup Validation Service. I believe the answer above requires HTML5 or XHTML. To avoid validation failures, you need to use the one <img src='stackoverflow.png'> (if it matters to you).
  • @FabrícioMatté You severely underestimate xhtml in actual usage. The larger the company, the more likely they work with xhtml over html, or html5 formatted like xhtml (for easy/faster parsing), or you work with other things like microdata, or enhanced markup like ixbrl.
  • There is a big difference between "works fine" and "specified" and you will never find any HTML specification calling out the use of the closing slash on that tag. As others mentioned, it is allowed as to not break web sites originally written to use XHTML/XML but nowhere will you find any wording or examples stating its usage is needed. In fact, you WILL find wording stating it has no meaning and browsers are instructed to ignore it!
  • Rob - 6 years ago there was a problem. This did fix it. Guess now browsers are better
  • It is not only valid HTML5, but rather valid in HTML4 as well. HTML doesn't require self-closing "void" elements as you said. +1 for the coherent answer.