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How can I convert my DECIMAL(11) field from 12345678 to a character value of 00012345678?

My LeftPad function without LeftPad function


1               0004
23              0023

testing ...

SELECT '32' MY_VALUE, REPEAT('0', 4-length('23'))||CHAR('23') as LEFTPAB_MY_VALUE FROM sysibm.sysdummy1

leading zeros in character string returned by CHAR(decimal , In DB2 LUW V9.5, decimal to character string conversion using this behavior was changed at server to be compatible with SQL standard casting rules not be any more leading zeros that one would see for the cast results. An integer constant that specifies the length of the result. The value must be zero or a positive integer that is less than or equal to n, where n is 32704 if string-expression is a character or binary string, or where n is 16352 if string-expression is a graphic string. pad An expression that specifies the string with which to pad.

Only use the DIGITS function, because this verifies the length of the field numeric or decimal, etc and completes with zeros to the left when is necessary.


Decimal to character and leading zeros, V11.1 V10.5 & V11.1 db2 "select CAST(0.01 AS CHAR(20)) from SYSIBM. to this function includes leading zeros and a trailing decimal character. which has this function return results which match the SQL standard  Leading and trailing zeros are returned, and a leading blank is returned for a positive decimal value. The result includes a decimal character even if the scale of decimal-expression is zero. If the number of bytes in the result is less than the defined length of the result, the result is padded on the right with blanks.

Based on your comment in @Mr Fuzzy Botton's answer, I'm guessing you're on DB2 for i, which does not have the LPAD function. You could instead use a combination of the REPEAT and RIGHTfunctions:

SELECT RIGHT(REPEAT('0', 11) || LTRIM(CHAR(your_field)), 11)
FROM your_table

how convert decimal to char without '0', how convert decimal to char without '0' I Have a Data like First, Convert the numeric data to char by CHAR In DB2 CHAR function treats decimal number quite diffrently from integer and real numbers. It right justifies the deicmal with leading zeros. your floating point column will have, otherwise you'll get a SQL error. 3. Convert a numeric physical file to a character in SQL without leading zeros In SQL, when converting a numeric physical file to digits, pass the results of the DIGITS function through the STRIP function in order to avoid leading zeros.

Using http://pic.dhe.ibm.com/infocenter/dzichelp/v2r2/topic/com.ibm.db2.doc.sqlref/castsp.htm for details on CAST and http://pic.dhe.ibm.com/infocenter/dzichelp/v2r2/topic/com.ibm.db2z10.doc.sqlref/src/tpc/db2z_scalarfunctionsintro.htm for string functions, I assume this should do the trick -


Why do I get leading zeros when converting from decimal to char in , It appears by design. See behaviour changes for v9.7 for more. I suggest you'd need VARCHAR inside LPAD with leading spaces. The result is the fixed-length character string representation of the argument in the form of an SQL decimal floating-point constant. The length of the result is 42 bytes. If the number of characters in the result is less than 42, the result is padded on the right with blanks to length of 42.

Don't know if you've worked it out, however try this:

SELECT LPAD( DIGITS( fieldName ), 11, '0') ) as paddedFieldName FROM yourTable

The LPAD is the left padding, but the DIGITS function was the only way I got DB2 to treat the numeric value like a string.

Convert Integer to Char while selecting in a DB2 , I have used CHAR(integer), but the problem with this is that it removes the leading zeroes from the integer. Ex : If integer = 01001 then i get CHAR  A single-byte character constant used to delimit the decimal digits in string-expression from the whole part of the number. The character cannot be a digit, plus (+), minus (-), or blank. The default value is period (.) or comma (,); the default value cannot be used in string-expression if a different value for decimal-character is specified.

Convert Numeric to String in SQL While Retaining Leading Zeros , Convert Numeric to String in SQL While Retaining Leading Zeros hours/​minutes and convert it from numeric to character and then save it into  The OP asked for a 6 chars length string as result. Specifically if EmployeeID is 7135, this query should return 007135.Using only one '0' returns 07135 not 007135.The whole idea is to concatenate to a 6 char string composed of all 0 the string converted EmployeedID, then STARTING from the right edge take 6 chars.

DB2 strip leading zeros during decimal to char conversion.txt, in db2 v9 you van use ltrim with additional argument. -- in db2 v8 use: SELECT TRANSLATE(LTRIM(TRANSLATE(CHAR(my_decimal_column, ','), '0 ', ' 0')), '0 '  I have a string that is up to 3 characters long when it's first created in SQL Server 2008 R2. I would like to pad it with leading zeros, so if its original value was '1' then the new value would be '001'. Or if its original value was '23' the new value is '023'. Or if its original value is '124' then new value is the same as original value.

Guru: Formatting Numbers and Dates/Times/Timestamps in SQL, With 9, leading zeros are replaced with blanks. symbol character, G for group separator character, and D for decimal point character. Re: Convert Numeric to String in SQL While Retaining Leading Zeros POTXT9 is and 11-characters alpha field and may contain other values besides just the ETA time. I need to extract just the first four characters. Those are the only ones I know are either digits or blanks.

  • I'm getting LPAD in *LIBL type *N not found.
  • Well, I tried, not a db2 user :) .... see here too stackoverflow.com/questions/4964244/…
  • LPAD function is available only on the DB2 for zOS.
  • lpad( cast( F2 as int),5,'0') this worked for me on iseries
  • What does that have to do with the question? I don't see any need of CASTing to INT.
  • The db2 lpad function appears to be overloaded with integer as the first argument.
  • The question has nothing to do with dates.