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I have 3 AsyncTasks and 1 ProgressBar. I want when any of task executes, the progress bar is visible and when all of them finish, the progress bar is invisible.

In Java, there is ExecutorService::isTerminated to check if all runnables finished but Android doesn't have it.

Update: 3 tasks execute at the same time.


Nice graphic. But I am afraid there is no build in mechanism for this. You'll have to implement it by yourself. There are few solutions you could use -

  1. Keep a reference to all 3 task. When task finishes check if the other two tasks are finished too, if yes than close the progress dialog if no wait for some other task to finish and check again. Make sure you free the references when you're done.
  2. If you don't want to keep a reference store a counter. When the task finishes, increment the counter and check if it's equal to 3. If all tasks finished and you are done. If you implement this make sure to synchronized the access to the counter.

AsyncTask, Nice graphic. But I am afraid there is no build in mechanism for this. You'll have to implement it by yourself. There are few solutions you could use -. Keep a  Then, sometime when I need to call the Content property of the Note object, I want to check if the PreloadAsync method has finished (9/10 of ten times it has, but when the users interacts with the app quickly, the Content is not yet loaded).

Try using AsyncTask.getStatus(). This works perfectly fine. Refer below sample code.

 List<AsyncTask<String, String, String>> asyncTasks = new ArrayList<AsyncTask<String, String, String>>();
 AsyncTask<String, String, String> asyncTask1 = new uploadTask().execute(string);
 AsyncTask<String, String, String> asyncTask2 = new downloadTask().execute(string);
 AsyncTask<String, String, String> asyncTask3 = new createTask().execute(string);

You can later loop the AsyncTaskList and find each of the tasks' status as below.

 for(int i=0;i<asyncTasks.size();i++){
      AsyncTask<String, String, String> asyncTaskItem = (AsyncTask<String, String, String>)asyncTasks.get(i);
      // getStatus() would return PENDING,RUNNING,FINISHED statuses
      String status = asyncTaskItem.getStatus().toString();
      //if status is FINISHED for all the 3 async tasks, hide the progressbar

AsyncTask.Status, AsyncTask is designed to be a helper class around Thread and Handler and does not Not all types are always used by an asynchronous task. To ensure that a task is cancelled as quickly as possible, you should always check the return value of is invoked and doInBackground(Object[]) has finished. You wouldn't need to poll- in the onPostExecute of each task, check to see if all the other tasks are in finished. If so, then all of them are finished. If not, then not all of them are finished. So all you need to do is keep a list of tasks that were started.

A simple workaround would be to use three boolean variables one each for each AsyncTask and then check them accordingly.

A better approach would be to create a separate class that extends AsynTask and defines a callback interface which is fired in onPostExecute.

AsyncTask in Android - Trishant Sharma, of the task. Each status will be set only once during the lifetime of a task. Indicates that AsyncTask#onPostExecute has finished. AsyncTask. If the current file type cannot be matched, the default command will be used. The -save=2 represents to save all modified buffers before running the task. At this point, you can have your F5 to run all type of files. And plugins like quickrun can be obsoleted immediately, they can't do better than this.

create a field to hold all tasks:

private ArrayList<HtmlDownloaderTask> mTasks;

Start your tasks this way:

HtmlDownloaderTask = new HtmlDownloaderTask(page.getHtml());
//if you want parallel execution try this:

on the onPostExecute of MyAsyncTask:

int unfinishedTasks = 0;
for (HtmlDownloaderTask myDT : mTasks){
    if(!(myDT.getStatus() == AsyncTask.Status.FINISHED)){
if (unfinishedTasks == 1){
    //We are all done. 1 Because its the current one that hasnt finished post execute


Pro Android 4, I'll tell the reason for this in a while but first we need to know about all thread immediately after onPreExecute has finished executing and is  Problem is if i click save click button quickly,UserList count are 0(Actually UserList record are over 100,000).So I want to check BindUser() process is finish or not before doing validation process in Save_Click(). Please let me known for best solution and help me to understand async and await keyword. Thanks.

Well as you do know when an AsyncTask ends (when onPostExecute gets called): one solution could be to create a method setProgressBarVisible() that keeps a counter and when first called sets visible, and a method setProgressBarInvisible() that decreases the counter and when zero sets the progress bar invisible.

All About Android AsyncTasks, the AsyncTask class allows us to check its status. If If it's anything but FINISHED, the task is either RUNNING or PENDING and about to run. You are free to create new instances of your AsyncTask, but each of those instances can only be  If IdlingResource is used to wait before buttons are visible, test author would waste around 4,4 seconds because first condition check of isIdleNow() will return false and the next one will be

Pro Android 3, AsyncTasks give us an easy way to do work on a separate thread while Then, when the download is finished, you'd need to execute code on the UI are and how to use them, then I strongly encourage you to check out our  The modern AsyncTask is limited to 128 concurrent tasks, with an additional queue of 10 tasks (if supporting Android 1.5, it’s a limit of ten tasks at a time, with a maximum queue of 10 tasks). That means that if you queue up more than 138 tasks before they can complete, your app will crash.

Start Multiple Async Tasks and Process Them As , Fortunately, the AsyncTask class allows us to check its status. If If it's anything but FINISHED, the task is either RUNNING or PENDING and about to run. You are free to create new instances of your AsyncTask, but each of those instances  We all aware of creating and executing an asynctask, but may not be aware of running multiple asynctasks at same time for different purposes. Let me discuss this in detail with an example. Points to be noted from the video.

How to check if all async tasks have finished, In each iteration of a while loop, an awaited call to WhenAny returns the task in the collection of tasks that finishes its download first. That task is  emeraldhieu. newbie. 1. answer. 6. questions ~40k. people reached. Member for 9 years. 63 profile views. 21 Check if all AsyncTasks have finished; View more

  • Try the solution that I provided below, it works like a charm
  • I did it without the names, but it worked out perfectly.. Thanks! I did remove the items from the ArrayList afterwards (when status == finished) instead of just checking the status. This would make it easier on larger sets of asyncTasks like my set of 30+ tasks..