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I am learning React and I have already created a few apps with CRA. I haven't found a good and easy way to include sass on my react projects so I came up with this:

install node-sass on the src folder

add this to the package.json:

"node:sass": "node-sass src/index.scss src/index.css -w"

then on each component, I would add a sass partial file, so I could keep the style and the js file in the same folder.

is there any problems with doing that?

I've read some tutorials to config webpack to use sass but it sounded to complicated.

Including partials per component is just fine and actually encouraged as a standard. Then you include it in the webpack with the ExtractTextPlugin, which allows you to bundle all your sass files into a single css file that you import in index.html. You can see an example here:

For this to work, you also need to include the sass-loader which will let your Js files parse your Sass class names. Feel free to use my starter pack that the above code is linked in to help you figure it all out.

Edit: Also, take a look at this example component to see how importing styles works:

React Sass, The steps to add Sass to Create React App are: Install node-sass: yarn add node-sass. Convert your . css to . scss. Import your . scss files in your React components like App. js. Not anymore. The team at Facebook released create-react-app v2 and among the many improvements, they gave us the ability to use Sass and CSS Modules right out of the box, and in this tutorial you will learn how simple it is to include them in your projects using create-react-app.

If you want to use sass in your react app, install chokidar It will help you:

Adding Sass to Create React App Applications ―, create-react-app v2 was released, among the many improvements it gave us ability to This works with the browsers list in your package.json . Using Sass in React is a quick way to get styling in your app. It is also recommended to look at CSS-in-JS solutions so that we can create even more modular CSS in our component based React apps. Here's the CodeSandbox with the demo of Sass in Create React App 2:

Create react app v2, support SASS out of the box ( Here a link to read the documentation:

All you need is to install node-sass if not already

npm i node-sass --save-dev

And then make sure you import files with scss extension. If you need to change old css files, change the extension, and so follow with the imports.

How to use Sass and CSS Modules with create-react-app, Now you can rename src/App.css to src/App.scss and update src/App.js to import Note: For windows operating system, use below syntax. Using Sass in a React Application Sass was created several years ago and was originally implemented in applications built using Ruby. In recent years, it has been adapted to work with Node.js which is how we will be using it today. You may notice that we are creating "scss" files but calling it sass.

Adding a Sass Stylesheet, All you need is a .sass or .scss file, and you just import it in a component: import './​styles.scss'. You can see an example of it working at  NOTE: For latest version of create-react-app (since react-scripts@2.0.0) all you need to do is install node-sass and import a file with the extension .scss or .sass.This article is for the

How to use css modules with create-react-app?, It turns out that this tool is generic and works for Angular and Vue too! Not only that, but it even has support for Ionic and React Native! Create react app uses multiple loaders to handle various build tasks such as transpiling with babel, prefixing with PostCSS, or allowing the importing of assets. To add Sass or Scss to this

SASS vs SCSS, You don't need to change any other configuration. Now, let's try out how Sass in React works. Let's say our App component already uses a  Hello I'm a noob in Reactjs I'm currently working with create-react-app, and I'm trying to make a development in SCSS, I downloaded an example in SCSS and I'm trying to make it work I followed the