Why messageReactionAdd do nothing discord.js

I want to say that I am French, and I apologize for the mistakes.

I try to code a discord bot with node.js, but i have a problem with messageReactionAdd i don't now why he do nothing when i react with an emoji.

My code :

bot.on('messageReactionRemove', (reaction, user) => {
console.log("that work 1");
if(reaction.emoji.name === "white_check_mark") {
    console.log("that work 2");

However i see on this forum it will work for others

thanks for read !

Events messageReactionAdd and messageReactionRemove working only for cached messages. You need add raw event to your code for trigger any message. https://github.com/AnIdiotsGuide/discordjs-bot-guide/blob/master/coding-guides/raw-events.md

Problem with discordjs and messageReactionAdd : discordapp, Problem with discordjs and messageReactionAdd Nothing happens if I add a reaction to messages that someone sent when the bot I will try later, thank you! discord.js falsely concluding that a user hasn't previously reacted to a message and thus failing at if (reaction.users.has(user.id)) { "messageReactionAdd" is no longer called. propsed solution: can't make a pull request atm, but you'd have to somehow preserve the list of users of all reactions AND fix up the encodeURIComponent calls

You are doing reaction remove and you need to use Unicode emojis - you can find these online and copy them

messageReactionAdd malfunction · Issue #3346 · discordjs/discord , discord.js version: 11.5.1; Node.js version: 10.16.0; Operating system: Windows 10 x64 This has nothing to do with your issue though. Problem with discordjs and messageReactionAdd Hello! I'm trying to detect when an user adds a reaction, but the event only triggers when a reaction is added to messages that have been sent after the bot has started.

You should listen to the messageReactionAdd event. Keep also in mind that ReactionEmoji.name is the Unicode for that emoji: you can get the Unicode symbol by writing a backslash before the emoji, like \:joy:. The Unicode for :white_check_mark: is ✅.

This should be your code:

bot.on('messageReactionAdd', (reaction, user) => {
  console.log("first check");
  if (reaction.emoji.name === "✅") {
    console.log("second check");

This will work on every cached message, if you want it to work only on a specific message, try using Message.awaitReactions() or Message.createReactionCollector()

Issue #2725 · discordjs/discord.js, messageReactionAdd event not triggering if message has been sent before bot start #2725. Closed. NLDev opened this issue on Aug 10, 2018 · 2 comments. If this is your own implementation, I suggest to only use the raw event without messing with discord.js private api any further. (For example: Emit your own events using only the raw data, if that is works to you.) This whole headache luckily gets fixed with partials on master / v12. Secondly (and only as a note) messageReaction._emoji

The message must be cached before it will work. Any messages that come in while your bot is open will automatically get cached, but if it's for a specific older message, you can use:


to cache it. After doing this (each time your script is run) you will receive reaction events for that message.

Reactions, I try to code a discord bot with node.js, but i have a problem with messageReactionAdd i don't now why he do nothing when i react with an emoji. My code : I'm currently making a bot and would like to add the reaction menu that some people already posted in this sub. (like this and this). I'm kinda having problems with figuring out how to do it so I was wondering if there were any bots using Discord.js I could maybe take a look at to see how they did it.

NodeJS Issue - Programming, messageReactionAdd.js (in the events folder) I want it so that when the bot is started up, it will send the embed defined in reactions.js in #verification in my Discord server and will react to it with the Nothing other than that. It has nothing to do with having a 'cry' because I don't get my way. I'm simply stating facts and my point of view for others to gain insight from. You on the other hand, I'm sorry but, you literally make no points that actually make sense, there is major gaps in your knowledge and even more in your research & reasoning to be arguing over

How to make a Role Reaction Bot using DiscordJS & NodeJS , In this video I will show you guys how to make a Discord Role Reaction Bot using the DiscordJS Duration: 22:54 Posted: Jan 14, 2019 ChannelMessagesBulkDelete bulk deletes the messages from the channel for the provided messageIDs. If only one messageID is in the slice call channelMessageDelete function. If the slice is empty do nothing. channelID : The ID of the channel for the messages to delete. messages : The IDs of the messages to be deleted. A slice of string IDs.

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