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String num = "93456"

decimal decinum = Convert.ToDecimal(num);
var newnum = decinum.ToString();

I need to convert string value into decimal value and back to string value

For instance, 93456 string format in to 93.456 decimal format then back to 93.456 string format.

I need to place a decimal after two fist digits of a string.

Here's my attempt:

String myString = "93456";

if (myString.Length > 2)
    myString = myString.Insert(2, Thread.CurrentThread.CurrentCulture.NumberFormat.NumberDecimalSeparator);

var myDecimal = decimal.Parse(myString);


Convert.ToDecimal Method (System), Any white space within the string that forms the number causes an error. For example, you can use decimal.TryParse to parse "10", "10.3", or " 10  Since decimal? does not have a ToString(string format) overload, the easiest way is to use String.Format instead which will provide consistent results with the null case for decimalValue as well (resulting in an empty string) when compared to your original code:

You can try this

string num = TextBox1.Text; //"93456.12";
if (num.Length > 2)
    decimal decNumber = Convert.ToDecimal(num.Substring(0, 2) + "." + num.Substring(2, num.Length - 2).Replace(".",""));
     string strNumber = Convert.ToString(decNumber);

How to convert a string to a number, string stringVal = "2,345.26";. Now, let us use the Convert.ToDecimal() method to convert it to a decimal number. decimal decimalVal; decimalVal  ToDecimal(String, IFormatProvider) Converts the specified string representation of a number to an equivalent decimal number, using the specified culture-specific formatting information.

This may help you:

string num1 = "93456";
int value = Convert.ToInt32(num1);
int digits = (num1.Length - 2) > 0 ? (num1.Length - 2) : 0;
decimal number1 = value / Convert.ToDecimal(Math.Pow(10, digits));
string result = number1.ToString();

Convert.ToDecimal Method in C#, public static decimal ToDecimal (string value, IFormatProvider provider);. Parameters: value: It is a string that contains a number to convert. provider  In my case I needed 6 placevalues, but I don't think it was the number of decimal points that was the problem because it complained if I did string str = amount.ToString("0.00"); or string str = amount.ToString("0.000000"); I was using a numeric database field, which was stored using a decimal object.

Yet another way:

string num = "93456";

decimal decinum = decimal.Parse(num);

string newnum = decinum.ToString("#,#", new NumberFormatInfo { NumberGroupSeparator = "." });

C#, text = emp.salary // string = decimal so ho i can convert that? Posted 21-May-  A string that represents the value of this instance. Examples. The following example displays a Decimal value using the default ToString() method. It also displays the string representations of the Decimal value that result from using a number of standard format specifiers. decimal value = -16325.62m; // Display value using default ToString method.

string num = "9312";
string newNum = num.Length > 2 ? num.Insert(2, ".") : num + ".000";
decimal newDecimal; 

if (Decimal.TryParse(newNum, out newDecimal))
    Console.WriteLine("not a valid decimal '{0}'.", newDecimal);      

[Solved] how to convert string to int and decimal, This tutorial teaches you to convert a string into different datatype in c# like int, number, double, decimal, float, short etc. Parse, TryParse and Convert are the  value: It is a string that contains a number to convert. provider: It is an object that supplies culture-specific formatting information. Return Value: This method returns a decimal number that is equivalent to the number in value, or 0 (zero) if value is null.

3 Ways to Convert String to Int or Number in C#, Digits after decimal point. This example formats double to string with fixed number of decimal places. For two decimal places use pattern „0.00“. If a float number  I tried to convert this number to decimal with Convert.ToDecimal(textbox.text) but it's not working. Convert.ToDecimal() to textboxes that contain input that has the format XXXX.DD are converted to decimal but input with format X,XXX.DD or any input with a thousand separator results to error:

String Format for Double [C#], This tool converts a ASCII, Unicode or UTF8 string to its decimal representation. You can also set it to put spaces between individual bytes for increased readability  I wrote a C# program that converts decimal to string. It is not the best but it works. I'm looking for inputs from others on how can it be improved? One aspect that baffled me was how to find out t

Convert a String to Decimal, Convert.ToDecimal(String) method allow us to convert a specified string representation of a number to its equivalent decimal number. this method require a string  How convert a string to a decimal using .NET Introduction I tried to convert a currency string ("$ 1.200,00") to decimal using c# and VS2005, I can't did it using Decimal.Parse("$ 1.200,00").

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