Update every localized boolean attribute value to TRUE

I have added a new attribute "showFlag" with type="localized:java.lang.Boolean to the itemtype VariantProduct and set default value to TRUE.but for existing variant products the value comes as n/a.

I would like to update every existing variant products all language(localized) showFlag values as Yes.How can I do that?

You can update all of them with impex batch mode for fastest way.

UPDATE Product[batchmode=true];itemType(code)[unique=true];description[en][default='test']

Default Boolean Editor, The Default Boolean Editor can be used to change the value of a Boolean property. the ZUL definition file, set the optional attribute to true, as shown in the following example: In the localization file of your widget, add the following properties: Note that every entry in the property file consists of the editor ID (in this case  Hello, I am trying to set up default values for a localized boolean attribute. I am using hybris 5.4. Currently the defaultvalue in items.xml is NOT present, following advice from a wiki forum thread <itemtype code="MyItem" autocreate=&q

The easy solution to do this is using a groovy script something like this,

import de.hybris.platform.servicelayer.model.ModelService;
import de.hybris.platform.servicelayer.search.FlexibleSearchQuery;
import de.hybris.platform.servicelayer.search.FlexibleSearchService;
import de.hybris.platform.servicelayer.search.SearchResult
import de.hybris.platform.variants.jalo.VariantProduct

FlexibleSearchService flexibleSearchService=(FlexibleSearchService)spring.getBean("flexibleSearchService");
ModelService modelService=(ModelService)spring.getBean("modelService");

List<Locale> locals = Arrays.asList(Locale.getAvailableLocales()); 

queryString="Select {pk} from {variantProduct} ";

FlexibleSearchQuery query=new FlexibleSearchQuery(queryString);

SearchResult result=flexibleSearchService.search(query);

List<VariantProduct> products = result.getResult();

for(VariantProduct variantModel : products){

    for (Locale locale : locals){

Adapt this code to correspond more to your needs,

Hope this helps

How do you set up default values for localized attributes?, I am trying to set up default values for a localized boolean attribute. jspc) { // Create maps with default values true and false final Map<Language,Boolean> trueMap setLanguage(null); // Update attribute descriptors final in my case) is initialized to the default value, all of the others throw an exception: Boolean attributes can be set directly using a Boolean value, but like the others they also have an OptionSet property with FalseOption and TrueOption properties that correspond to the Boolean options. Each of these properties define a set of localized labels that represent what true and false mean for the attribute.

Use bean shell and iterate over every language using the i18nService?

Boolean attributes - HTML Standard, The presence of a boolean attribute on an element represents the true value, and the absence The keywords are each defined to map to a particular state (​several keywords might map to Change value and divisor to −1. (for authors), implementation notes regarding localization of form controls, and the time element. If multi is set to true, the db.collection.update() method updates all documents that meet the <query> criteria. The multi update operation may interleave with other read/write operations. The following operation sets the reorder field to true for all documents where stock is less than or equal to 10 .

the following impex import script worked well for the above problem:

UPDATE VariantProduct[batchmode=true];itemtype(code)[unique=true];showFlag[lang=en_GL];showFlag[lang=en_ZA];showFlag[lang=en_CA];showFlag[lang=en_US];showFlag[lang=en_AP];showFlag[lang=en_IN];showFlag[lang=en_CE];showFlag[lang=en_ME];showFlag[lang=en_SG];showFlag[lang=en_AU];showFlag[lang=en_PH];showFlag[lang=en_MA];showFlag[lang=en_GB];


Declared Properties, Routing Localization App storage Service worker Serve your app Resources Updates the corresponding attribute value when the property value changes. The properties object supports the following keys for each property: the attribute is created as a standard HTML boolean attribute (set if true, not set if false). The tool has two Boolean outputs, True and False. Based on the condition being evaluated one of the two boolean outputs is true and the other false after the tool runs. These boolean outputs have to be set as a precondition to the downstream tools for those to execute if either of the preconditions is true.

SiteMapNode.GetExplicitResourceString(String, String, Boolean , Retrieves a localized string based on a attribute to localize, a default string to return if no resource is found, and a Boolean value indicating whether to true to throw an InvalidOperationException, if an explicit resource is defined for Description property, and any custom attributes that are defined in the Attributes property. The localized display name of the group that contains this attribute, if available; otherwise, the English group name. Related attributes are collected into a group and should be displayed together under the heading given here. isRepeatable: boolean. If true, the attribute supports multiple values. If false, only a single value should be provided.

Transactions on Rough Sets V, An example of decision table with two symbolic and two continuous attributes (on the partitions that are applied to localized regions of the object space (e.g., decision tree). Global methods produce a mesh over k-dimensional real space, where each attribute value set is partitioned Approximate Boolean Reasoning 401. Click Custom Values. In the True field, type the value to display if the attribute value is 1 (True). In the False field, type the value to display if the attribute value is 0 (False). For a geocode, to set a specific number of decimal places to display for the latitude and longitude values: Click Fixed length.

Medinfo, returns a value, the state of the underlying data model cannot change because All clinical data are specified as Act objects or Acts. Acts have attributes that GELLO supports all basic data types: integer, real, string and Boolean which may​  Public Property Checked As Boolean Property Value Boolean. true if the CheckBox is in the checked state; otherwise, false. The default value is false. If the ThreeState property is set to true, the Checked property will return true for either a Checked or IndeterminateCheckState. Attributes

  • Using script/flexible query you can iterate over all your model and set true for all locals
  • this one seems to be a better method.