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I'm new in Symfony2 and Twig.I want to display multiple values in a single field.In my form, I have a field that has 'multiple enabled'.

 ->add('name','choice', array(
        'expanded' => true,
        'multiple' => true,
        'label' => 'Job Done',
        'choices' => array('Wax' => 'Wax', 'Carwash' => 'Carwash','Interior Detailing' =>     'Interior Detailing', 'Exterior Detailing' =>'Exterior Detailing',
        'Full Detailing' => 'Full Detailing', 'Engine Wash' => 'Engine Wash', 'Engine Detailing' => 'Engine Detailing',

With this setup, I can successfully save it in a MYSQL database.But in Twig,(index.html.twig), an error will pop up " Notice: Array to string conversion".

{% for entity in entities %}
 <td>{{ entity.name }}</td>
 {% endfor %}

But if I change to

{% for entity in entities %}
<td>{{ entity.name[0] }}</td>
{% endfor %}

Only one value will be displayed.I want to display all values for that field.

In my index.html.twig, all id's has multiple values stored in it.Since I select multiple values.But it only displays one value per id's.

Any ideas on how to achieve this?

A nice Twig filter to display array as string (as PHP function implode does) :

{% for entity in entities %}
    <td>{{ entity.name|join(', ') }}</td>
{% endfor %}

Here is the doc : http://twig.sensiolabs.org/doc/filters/join.html

So everything I see comes from just one place (the nodes twig file) and not a combination of the twig file and the manage display screen. Anyway, using the  Twig Field Value. Twig Field Value allows Drupal 8 themers to get partial data from field render arrays. It gives them more control over the output without drilling deep into the render array or using preprocess functions.

As you can see in the error message that you get, a choice field with multiple option enabled will return an array. So, to display it in Twig, you need to treat it like any other array. The following code should work:

{% for entity in entities %}
    {% for name in entity.name %}
        <td>{{ name }}</td>
    {% endfor %}
{% endfor %}

I'm new in Symfony2 and Twig.I want to display multiple values in a single field.In my form, I have a field that has 'multiple enabled'. ->add('name','choice', array(  Display all values in a multivalued field in one row Open the query in Design View. In the Show Table dialog box, click the table that contains the multivalued field, click Add, and then click Close. In this example, add the Issues table.

This is another way of approach to print multiple values field on twig file.

      {% for genre in node.field_genre %}{{ genre.entity.name.value|join(' ') }}{% endfor %}

Hi! I'm quite new to drupal 8 and twig, but this is something I thought would be rader easy to do, but I still struggle with. I have a node type  I am using the DAX measure SELECTEDVALUE to display the value of a column that is filtered in a table visual. But I can't find a way to display multiple elements. For instance, if "France" is selected in the field 'Data'[Nationality], the DAXmeasure SELECTEDVALUE will display "France", and that is good.

You can access single value field in node template easily: or {{ node.field_test.​value }} But iteration over multiple value fields is not Category: Feature request. Assigned: Unassigned. Issue tags: Twig Show 0 more files. Invoice ID and GL account number. There is one distinct value for invoice ID but multiple values for account. My goal is to combine all of the account values into one field. At minimum I would want the values to be separated by a space. So the end result would look like this: Invoice ID Account number 4546464 6253, 4891, 8257, 5846,

If it's a multi-value field, the above example will output all of them, exactly as configured in the Manage display. To pull just one value in this way  Is it possible to have, for example, a single list item, and then have multiple values in a column that map to values in other columns? So Goal1 is linked to Action1 which is linked to Date1 and then users can add Goal2, Action2, Date2?

Inside code blocks you can also assign values to variables. Assignments use the set tag and can have multiple targets. Here is how you can assign the bar 1 2. {# displays bar #} {{ foo }} Several variables can be assigned in one block:  Transpose the Date fields so that all the date columns comes in a single field with its description. Like this. If this is one time activity then you can connect your original source in tableau then select all the date fields and Pivot like this. Once done then you'll get Pivoted field names and Values like this. I've renamed the Pivot fields.

  • This is what I'm looking for.Nice @AlterPHP .