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So, I am writing a hangman game in python 3 for my college work. I have this couple lines of code that are being a pain in the ass:

word = ['_' for i in range(len(chosen_word))]
print("The word is:", *word)

I have this output for a 5 letter word:

The word is: _ _ _ _ _

But I actually need an output like this (an additional space between items):

The word is: _  _  _  _  _

Any ideas of how should I do it??

Thanks for the attention and the help! :)

You could use the sep parameter with a double space:

word = ['_' for i in range(len(chosen_word))]
print("The word is:", *word, sep='  ')

If you don't want the double space after the ':' use two different prints:

word = ['_' for i in range(len(chosen_word))]
print("The word is:", end=' ')
print(*word, sep='  ')

Printing all items of a list with a double space between them, Printing all items of a list with a double space between them. add space between numbered list word how to change spacing between bullets in word 2016 between lines of a multi-select list box is to experiment with different font sizes. This can be seen by viewing the list box with an 8pt font size and then a 14pt size. You'll notice the gap between the selection boxes is wider with the 14pt font size.

One simple way would be:

string = '  '.join(words)
print("The word is:", string)

On Perl: Perl for Students and Professionals, A simpler way to print every element of an array is to simply use the print function on prints all elements of the list ©friends in one single line without any space between does not have any effect unless a list is printed inside double quotes. First, let's assume that print , (in Python 2) doesn't print any whitespace (spaces nor newlines). Python 2 does, however, pay attention to how you are printing - are you using print, or sys.stdout.write, or something else? If you make two consecutive calls to print, then Python will insist on putting in a space in between the two.

word = ['_ 'for i in range len(chosen_word)]
print("The word is:", *word)

You can simply do this

How to change spacing between items in a list, Print Friendly, PDF & Email. I use bullet I like to have my list items spaced apart a little, I don't want them all squashed together. Let me show Paragraph spacing is a great way to add a little more space between your paragraphs. I use this  Alternatively, you could you end the string you're printing with a ' ' character, which will cause a line feed, or you could start your input with the same character. Share a link to this answer. improve this answer. answered Apr 10 '12 at 0:28. 82 silver badges. 101 bronze badges. vertical tab for vertical space. Share a link to this answer.

Learning Perl, If you want spaces between items and a newline at the end , you have to say so will print a list of items , one after another , with no spaces in between . the program used double quotes around an array containing unchomped strings . Changing these defaults will likely confuse your maintenance programmer , so  Double-space the entire document On the Home tab, in the Styles group, right-click Normal, and then click Modify. Under Formatting, click the Double Space button, and then click OK. Formatting for the entire document changes to double spacing.

Your Career: How To Make It Happen, List your Qualifications section just below your objective or profile. Single-​space body text, double-space between items (such as jobs), and triple-space between sections. Print Resume Every job applicant needs a print resume, a printed,  Very few style guides advise the use of double spaces after the period while, unlike the APA, Chicago Manual of Style, AP and US Government Printing Office Style Manual, which all recommend a single space between sentences.

How do you double space a reference list?, APA formatting says that I should double space the reference list, but I can't get rid of The elements of the Normal style are Calibri font, size 11, single spacing with an extra line between paragraphs and right justification. Print; Tweet · Share on Facebook Powered by Springshare; All rights reserved. When you press Enter while creating HTML email, Outlook inserts a paragraph tag (<p>), so two Enters (for white space between the paragraphs) inserts two <p> tags, which is double spaced when rendered in a browser. If you use Shift+Enter twice, which creates the line break tag (<br>), the message will not look double spaced in a browser. This

  • ('_ ' * len(chosen_word)).rstrip()
  • print("The word is:", "\ \ ".join(word)) (remove the escapes: SO doesn't render double spaces in comments correctly)
  • That doesn't work because the online system recognizes the space after the last underline which shouldn't be there :/