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I am using CocoaPods for a macOS app. I have compilation errors with AFNetworking (current version, 1.2.1) and saw that these didn't exist in the previous version (1.2.0).

I did some research but did not find a possibility to define the version of a pod (for example, version 1.2.0 instead of 1.2.1).

Is this possible or do I have to wait until there is a new version of that library?

In your Podfile:

pod 'AFNetworking', '1.2.0'

Check 'Get started' at

Once this is done, you can then issue a pod update in the terminal for the change to take place. Of course, this needs to be done from your project's top level folder. If the update does not occur, edit your Podfile.lock file and change the AFNetworking version # to something less than what it is and issue a pod update in the terminal again. This tells CocoaPods that you have a different version installed and that it must update.

How to check version of a CocoaPods framework, pod 'SSZipArchive'. Later on in the project you may want to freeze to a specific version of a Pod, in which case you can specify that version number. Besides no version, or a specific one, it is also possible to use logical operators: '> 0.1' Any version higher than 0.1 '>= 0.1' Version 0.1 and any higher version '< 0.1' Any version lower than 0.1 '<= 0.1' Version 0.1 and any lower version; To install latest pod subversion of specified pod version : pod 'Alamofire', '~> 0.1.2'

How to remove one of the cocoa pods plugin from Xcode project , You will only use pod update when you want to update the version of a specific pod (or all the pods). <Commit your Podfile.lock. As a reminder, even if your policy  pod 'Alamofire', :path => '~/Documents/Alamofire'. Using this option CocoaPods will assume the given folder to be the root of the Pod and will link the files directly from there in the Pods project. This means that your edits will persist between CocoaPods installations.

  1. In your podfile, write : pod 'podname', 'desired version'.
  2. Close the Project

  3. Run pod update or pod install (as applicable) to get the pods as mentioned in above step.

  4. Compile the code with your desired pod version.

How to find out the version of installed cocoa pods?, How do you update a pod to a specific version? A version of '4' will be treated as '4.0' by CocoaPods and not '4.1' or '4.2'. Note The Swift compiler mostly accepts major versions and sometimes will honor minor versions. While CocoaPods allows specifying a minor or patch version it might not be honored fully by the Swift compiler.

Use platform :ios, '8.0'. It will automatically install the previous one which will run on this platform

How do I know what version of POD file I have? CocoaPods will use the highest version of a Pod of the first source which includes the Pod (regardless whether other sources have a higher version). The official CocoaPods source is implicit. Once you specify another source, then it will need to be included.

How do I delete a specific pod on a project? When you run pod update PODNAME, CocoaPods will try to find an updated version of the pod PODNAME, without taking into account the version listed in Podfile.lock. It will update the pod to the latest version possible (as long as it matches the version restrictions in your Podfile).

How do I know what version of CocoaPods I have Mac? Cocoapods 1.0.0 Update: note that if you have 1.0.0 installed, attempting to reinstall an older version on top will leave 1.0.0 as the default version, so you have to sudo gem uninstall cocoapods first, then select 1.0.0 as the version to remove.

The Podfile is a specification that describes the dependencies of the targets of one :search_paths pod 'OCMock', '~> 2.0.1' end end post_install do |installer|  Finally , I had to completely remove (manually )cocoapods, cocoapods-core , cocoapods-try.. any other package use by cocoa pods. Use this terminal command to list all the packages : gem list --local | grep cocoa pods

  • I already tried that. But it downloads the most recent version.
  • how can one say this pod version and up?
  • See documentation at '> 0.1 Any version higher than 0.1 >= 0.1 Version 0.1 and any higher version < 0.1 Any version lower than 0.1 <= 0.1 Version 0.1 and any lower version ~> 0.1.2 Version 0.1.2 and the versions up to 0.2, not including 0.2'