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I have a project that is using liquibase for database sync. When I use maven liquibase for generating a changelog, I want to exclude some database objects whose names start with oauth_

My maven goal is like this

liquibase:diff -DdiffExcludeObjects="table:oauth_.*"

But when I execute the goal, the generated changelog includes these changesets:

<changeSet author="aliakbarazizkhani (generated)" id="1470077228335-4">
    <dropTable tableName="oauth_access_token"/>
<changeSet author="aliakbarazizkhani (generated)" id="1470077228335-5">
    <dropTable tableName="oauth_approvals"/>
<changeSet author="aliakbarazizkhani (generated)" id="1470077228335-6">
    <dropTable tableName="oauth_client_details"/>
<changeSet author="aliakbarazizkhani (generated)" id="1470077228335-7">
    <dropTable tableName="oauth_client_token"/>
<changeSet author="aliakbarazizkhani (generated)" id="1470077228335-8">
    <dropTable tableName="oauth_code"/>
<changeSet author="aliakbarazizkhani (generated)" id="1470077228335-9">
    <dropTable tableName="oauth_refresh_token"/>

I think the problem may be just the name of the property. Documentation indicates that the property should be exludeObjects not diffExcludeObjects.

My pom.xml as below: Is there anyone met the same problem? 1. Reply  Hi, thanks for a great plugin/extension. Overall it works great, but I am having a strange problem. I have extended the PostgresDatabase class and overriden the escapeObjectName method to make the generated table names case-insensitive (

mvn liquibase:diff -Dliquibase.diffExcludeObjects=oauth_*

That should work, and given that the diffChangeLogFile is written to, the parameter must be being set correctly. An empty file like you are  Hi, we're using a workaround - using the hibernate-spring but, as we're using persistence.xml in a jee environment, when creating the diff, we've to comment the "jta-data-source" in the persistence.xml in order to ensure that spring is not trying to look for a jndi datasource.

The correct answer:

mvn liquibase:diff -Dliquibase.diffExcludeObjects="table:oauth_.*"

with -Dliquibase. is Parameter prefix.

More parameter in here

refereneceUrl are not set correctly. If you run liquibase:diff without the diffChangelogFile parameter it should create a diff report that includes  Includes the Maven test output directory in the class loader which obtains the liquibase.properties and changelog files. Default value is: true. liquibase.labels: String-Specifies which Liquibase labels Liquibase will execute, which can be separated by a comma if multiple labels are required or you need to designate a more complex expression.

GitHub is home to over 50 million developers working together to host and default-cli of goal org.liquibase:liquibase-maven-plugin:3.4.1:diff failed: A But scanning the HBM still does not work as the pojos are distributed. Specifies the liquibase.properties you want to use to configure Liquibase. liquibase.propertyFileWillOverride: boolean-A flag which indicates you want the liquibase.properties file to override any settings provided in the Maven plugin configuration. By default, if a property is explicitly specified it is not overridden if it also appears in the

eXo has introduced Liquibase to evolve the database schema safely In the early stage of the development of a new eXo add-on I am currently working on, the data model was not Generate a changelog from diff between two databases Quite simply, this option is used to perform the schema changes  Using a liquibase.properties file. If you do not want to always specify options on the command line, you can create a properties file that contains default values. By default, Liquibase will look for a file called liquibase.properties in the current working directory, but you can specify an alternate location with the --defaultsFile flag. If

mvn liquibase:generateChangeLog -Dliquibase. (here reduced not fully worked declaration): To create full schema definition in LiquiBase SQL format you may first to dump your schema definition: For example I forget to add --skip​-add-drop-table option to mysqldump and so mvn liquibase:diff. Display help information on liquibase-maven-plugin. Call mvn liquibase:help -Ddetail=true -Dgoal=<goal-name> to display parameter details.

  • Are you using the latest version of liquibase? This functionality was introduced in 3.3.2. Just to make sure...
  • I am using version 3.4.2