Conflict on Template of Twig and Vue.js

I'm doing a program using Slim 2 that uses Twig as my templating engine. so It uses the syntax {{ foo }} in php file. On the other hand, I'm using vue.js, it also uses {{ bar }}.


I'm gonna do the two way binding, below is my html code.

<div class="container">
    Label Value: <label>{{ foo }}</label><br>
    Field Value: <input v-model="foo">

and here is my vue js code.

new Vue({

    el: '.container',
    data: {
        foo: 'Hello world.'

So the Hello world should be in the Label Value.

The output is the image below.

Which it did not worked, probably the system thought it's a twig variable. So I checked by passing variable in a view.

$app->get('/', function() use ($app) {
    $app->render('login.php', [
        'foo' => 'FROM PHP FILE'

So I checked, the Label Value: shows the variable that I passed from the PHP file not on the VUE code.

Kind of hard to explain but you get the point. Was wondering how to bypass twig's template and use the {{ }} from vue also.

Just change default delimiters for vue. Here's how:

Vue.js 1.0

Define delimiters globally.

Vue.config.delimiters = ['${', '}']


Vue.js 2.0

Define delimiter on per component basis.

new Vue({
    delimiters: ['${', '}']


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I read in another similar question to do:

{{"{{vue.js variable here}}"}} 

to make it shorter. It works in SOME cases for me. But, thought you might like to see it anyway...

I didn't yet succeed to get it to work in all areas of my code.

[SOLVED] Conflict on Template of Twig and Vue.js, Just change default delimiters for vue. Here's how: Vue.js 1.0. Define delimiters globally. Vue.config.delimiters = ['${', '}']. Docs. Vue.js 2.0. Directly injecting data to Vue apps with Symfony/Twig Usually data for Vue apps come from APIs, but ocassionally it may happen that you're rendering a Twig template with all the data you need and which you want to pass to your Vue app - without implementing an additional API.

For Vue JS 2 (not sure about 1). You can use:

<span v-text="msg"></span>
<!-- same as -->

As per documentation:

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Just a heads up. On Vue JS 2. The way of doing this is add an object to Vue.

new Vue({
    el: '#app',
    delimiters: ['${', '}'],

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Conflict on Template of Twig and Vue.js, I'm doing a program using Slim 2 that uses Twig as my templating engine. so It uses the syntax {{ foo }} in php file. On the other hand, I'm using vue.js, it also  Your inline template needs to be defined inside the DOM element to which Vue is attached. However, inline-template makes the scope of your templates harder to reason about. As a best practice, prefer defining templates inside the component using the template option or in a <template> element in a .vue file.

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  • Ohh! I saw that also but did not bother trying it, instead I tried autoescape and which did not worked. Hahaha. Now I tried that and it worked, I put that verbatim syntax between my vue " {% verbatim %} {{ foo }} {% endverbatim %} and it works! Thanks! :)
  • Hello there, I will try this one and will let you know if this works. :)
  • The previous answer from felipsmartins is better... it works in all cases. The above I sent seems to have limited uses... as far as my tests showed anyway.
  • Lifesaver for short variables and closest analog to laravel blade's @{{ variable }} escape. Mind sharing where exactly your solution didn't work?
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