What's preventing me from resizing (downsizing) my windows form object?

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I've got a windows form object that contains 3 objects, a treeview, a richtextbox, and a tabcontrol. They are not docked into the windows form, but they are anchored (top+left).

I've written the code to resize them when a form-resize event handler gets called, but it only seems to be working for an increase of form size, that is to say, I can't resize the form to a smaller size. This includes times when I first increase the main windows form and then attempt to return it to its original size.

The sizes of the three objects are manually set after each Form resize with the code below:

        treeView1.Height += (this.Height - oldHeight);
        richTextBox1.Width += (this.Width - oldWidth);
        tabControl1.Width += (this.Width - oldWidth);
        tabControl1.Height += (this.Height - oldHeight);
        oldHeight = this.Height;
        oldWidth = this.Width;

None of the objects have a set minimum size (they are all at 0,0 throughout the resizing process)

What is preventing the form from being resized to a smaller size?

Autosize (which was set on the main Form object) was preventing the window from decreasing to a size smaller than the objects contained within it. As the objects within the main Form increased on each expansive resize, the main Form was unable to shrink after any resize growth. By disabling Autosize on the main Form object, I was able to regain full control of resizing.

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If the above does not solve it, check that the form minimum size is not set to a value larger than you need.

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Right click your Winform in Visual studio -> select properties ->AutoSize will be set True -> Change it to False


Include this line in your code

this.AutoSize = false;

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Just put all your Controls into a Panel and set Dock property of the Panel to Fill. I believe it works even with Autosize set to true.

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Check the Min Widths and Min Heights

Designer view:

As you can see, if you set the Min width and Min height, while having auto size set to false, then the buttons are now the size you want it to be :)

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  • Is there a reason you don't just use the docking mechanism in .NET? It would take care of resizing for you.
  • Docking seemed too restrictive for what we were hoping, GUI-wise. The position of our form tools ended up overruling the ease of implementation for us.
  • For anyone else reading this, check out the property "AutoSizeMode" which defaults to GrowOnly. Changing it to GrowAndShrink may also resolve this problem (no promises).
  • Check my answer related to minimum sizes
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