Can not create a "notebook" using ipython Notebook

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I have recently installed ipython using Enthought's EPD python install - and when starting the iPython HTML notebook from the command prompt by typing:

ipython notebook --pylab=inline

I manage to get the localhost browser notebook screen pop up correctly.

However when I try to create a new notebook by clicking "New Notebook" I get the following error message:

"Creating Notebook Failed The error was: Unexpected error while autosaving notebook: C:\Windows\System32\Untitled0.ipynb [Errno 17] No usable temporary file name found"

I am assuming this i sbecause I may not have write privilege for that particular drive. So I have tried to go into the "" file and change the following:

# The directory to use for notebooks and kernels.
c.NotebookApp.notebook_dir = u'C:\Users\Stuart\Documents\iPython' 


c.FileNotebookManager.notebook_dir = u'C:\Users\Stuart\Documents\iPython'

I have then closed down all the cmd windows and started the ipython notebook agaion. But when I click on "New Notebook" I get the same error message as before:

"Creating Notebook Failed The error was: Unexpected error while autosaving notebook: C:\Windows\System32\Untitled0.ipynb [Errno 17] No usable temporary file name found"

Could someone please help me as to how I can get this working? Any help very much appreciated.

The answer kindly provided by @Jakob in the comments above did the trick:

"Can you try switching to C:\Users\Stuart\Documents\iPython in the terminal before starting the notebook?"

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Just change the directory where are run your iPython notebook. For make it, you right-click on the shortcut and edit properties. In this properties, a field named "run directory" or something like that. Put your link in this field.

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I just experienced the same problem. I even erased all the untitled.ipynb files in the directory. Then I realized that I had other copies of Anaconda terminal open. When I closed them and tried again, things went back to normal.

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If you run the IPython as administrator you won't run into error for starting a new notebook. To do that right click on the Ipython shortcut and click on run as administrator.

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I also had the same problem, I was not able to create the new notebook or access existing notebook present in that directory.

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Turns out my old anaconda jupyter notebook terminals were open and running in the background. Every time I started jupyter notebook I used the new instance that led me to this problem. When I closed all terminals and restarted new Jupyter notebook terminal it started working again.

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  • Can you try switching to C:\Users\Stuart\Documents\iPython in the terminal before starting the notebook? Btw. it is recommended not to use --pylab inline see here why.
  • Changing the directory in the CMD before launching the notebook worked - I am now able to create Notebooks as normal. Thank you very much for your help. I tried to read the additional info your linked to - unfortunately I am a complete novice and it didn't really mean much to me. Maybe one day I'll understand! But thanks for your help with this, much appreciated!!!
  • In which shortcut? Can you please be more specific? Thanks!