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I am trying to modify a react native boilerplate so that I can be run on Android platform.

I installed the expo package and added an index.js file on the root directory. But when I run the android code, it raised Can't find variable: require on the bundling phase

I uploaded my code here. Does anyone have an idea what I missed here?

resetting the cache worked for me.

On expo

expo r -c

for pure react native

react-native start --reset-cache

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For those whose cache clearing didn't work. Try deleting .bablerc file. It has its own ways of effecting cache. My issue was only resolved after i deleted this. I came across this when i was porting my react native app to web using react-native-web .


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You should import your server.default in es6 style. require is a node.js method, in es6 modules you should use import instead. See here for more info on the usage of import.

Here you did

 const newApp = require('./server').default;

When you should have

import {default} from './server'

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