How can I limit the length of a string to 150 characters?

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I tried the following:

var a = description.Substring(0, 150);

However this gives a problem if the length of description is less than 150 chars. So is there another way I can limit the length to 150 that won't give an error when string length is for example 20.

var a = description == null 
        ? string.Empty 
        : description.Substring(0, Math.Min(150, description.Length));

Limiting the number of characters in a string, and chopping off the , I have the code to do this already, but I need to limit Strings, doubles and ints to a fixed-width size that is hard-coded in the code. So, suppose I  int maxLength = Math.Min(LongTitle.Length, 20); string title = LongTitle.Substring(0, maxLength); This can be turned into extension method: public static class StringExtensions { /// <summary> /// Truncates string so that it is no longer than the specified number of characters.

var a = description.Substring(0, Math.Min(150, description.Length));

Just grab the substring of either 150 characters, or the whole string, whichever is shorter.

Beginning Oracle SQL: For Oracle Database 12c, Oracle Datatype Limits Datatype Limit NUMBER 38 digits CHAR 2000 bytes CHAR): Variable-length string, maximum of 150 characters in the national  Select the range that you will limit date entries with specify character length. 2. Click the Data validation in the Data Tools group under Data tab. 3. In the Data Validation dialog box, select the Text Length item from the Allow: drop down box. See the following screen shot: 4.

Try the following extension method

public static string LimitTo(this string data, int length) {
  return (data == null || data.Length < length) 
    ? data 
    : data.Substring(0, length);

C# Truncate String, This method restricts the maximum length of strings. Truncate: If the source is longer than the max length, we call Substring to get the first N characters. I am not sure exactly what you are asking, but if you want to know the maximum length of a string, this question can help you. If you want to limit the number of characters entered, I would suggest that you use server-side validation and/or client-side validation.

The String Length Attribute works for C#:

public string MyProperty { get; set; }

PHP for Absolute Beginners, You won't limit the length of this field (within reason). Blog entry titles can be a string of characters between 0 and 150 characters long. If you were to insert a  I am trying to set string length limit that user can input to 8 and want the string control not to display any character after the 8th character. I don't prefer idea of popping up window by counting string length.

I think you actually want this.

public static string LimitTo(this string data, int length) {
  return (data == null || data.Length <= length)   // Less than or equal to
    ? data 
    : data.Substring(0, length);

Cut A String To A Specified Length With PHP, For example, the following string variable, which we will cut to a maximum of 30 characters. $string = 'This string is too long and will be cut short.';. Is there any limit for the number of characters that I can assign? Its Integer.MAX_VALUE or 2^31-1 or about 2 billion. You are more likely to have memory problems before getting to this size. e.g. You need 4 GB for the String and 4 GB to create it.

Get string truncated to max length, If you're using C# 6.0, I believe you can drop the null-check: public static string WithMaxLength(this string value, int maxLength) { return value? Snapchat's caption character limit is 250. Twitter's character limit is 280. An SMS text message limit is 160. Pinterest pins can have up to 500 characters. Instagram captions and comments can fetch 2,200 characters. N.B: A space or punctuation is a "character".

General System Limits - Caché & Ensemble 2018.1.3, Reference for system limits, including string length, limits related to classes, limits If long strings are not enabled, the limit is 32,767 characters. Maximum number of %Status values that can be combined into a single %Status value: 150​. The maximum length at compilation time is at most 65536. Note again that the length is the number of bytes of the modified UTF-8 representation, not the number of characters in a String object. String objects may be able to have much more characters at runtime.

Your Unix: The Ultimate Guide, The second one additionally imposes a limit of 150 on the maximum length : sed - n ' / . the second example ; otherwise lines longer than 150 characters would also be This means that anywhere in the line - in the source or the target string​  There are a couple of ways to limit text data returned by a Select statement. One is to use string functions, like the LEFT (), RIGHT () and SUBSTRING () functions, to return only a subset of the text. This does the job but, as we’ll see, can be impractical. Another approach is to use the TEXTSIZE setting. Let’s look at an example.

  • I have tested it in a ViewModel in WPF and it doesn't work with a TextBox. The documentation mentions ASP.NET. Maybe it's used only in that kind of applications.