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I want to create a website which will store 2 images in the "home" page, which will lead to 2 different pages. In the case, I'm using the Image object from the toolbox. When I'm trying to assign the ImageUrl, it don't appear to find anything at all, regardless of the format. I've tried with multiple photos, different folders, there's the result:

I've also tried to change it programatically in C#, not working, as well:

Image1.ImageUrl = @"Images/left.jpg";

Should I use the usual <img src=""/> for finding images? Thank you very much!

Right click on that image shown and choose "include in project" and then try to give imageUrl

[Solved] How to locate the picture inside my project folder in c# , If a file was not in the same directory with the resource file, it will be copied there, so be careful not to keep Open the property of the project node representing your image file. ImageUrl = startupPath + "smile.png"; </code> The output folder is defined per project except if a source folder specifies its own output folder. So you need to check the "Building" preference page to see if you're filtering out resources. If you look in the bin directory after building, you should be able to see them.

If you are sure that your path value contains the appropriate path from the ImageFiles directory, then you should be able to use the following :

<asp:Image ID="Image1" runat="server" ImageUrl='~/ImageFiles/<%# Eval("path")%>' />

or use the integrated string formatting of the Eval method as shown here :

<asp:Image ID="Image1" runat="server" ImageUrl='<%# Eval("path", "~/ImageFiles/{0}") %>' />

C# 2008 for Programmers, We added an Images folder to this project by right clicking the location of the project in The ImageUrl property (line 30) specifies the location of the image to display in the NET DropDownList cannot be configured to allow users to type text. And it is not using the source - it uses compiled files and thus it "exists" in the folder which VS set for you, and that is bin/debug. I do not have VS at my hand at the moment, so I am not 100% sure where the location for the image is exactly, but it should be in bin/debug of your solution.

From the code behind you could do something like below including application base URL some thing like below-

Image1.ImageUrl = @"~/Images/left.jpg"

Please refer the below discussion for more information -

Image isn't showing in Image and ImageButton

ASP.NET will automatically replace the ~ with your application's base URL, because Image1 is a server control

Unable to find images based on url in React - JavaScript, I am trying to access images stored in a directory that is next to the the error i'm getting is Error: Cannot find module '… an output folder right now. i'm just in the process of building the project using a localhost live server. when you upload your files to the server be careful ,some tomes your images will not appear on the web page and a crashed icon will appear that means your file path is not properly arranged or coded when you have the the following file structure the code should be like this File structure: ->web(main folder) ->images(subfolder)->logo.png(image in the sub folder)the code for the above is below follow this standard

CSS background-image doesn't work - HTML-CSS, The image does not appear in the background. (Browser: Brave/​FirefoxDevEdition) header { background-image: url(C:\Users\ If it's in the same folder as the project try just putting the path to the image from the project folder: Add four images to the images folder you just created. (Any images you have handy will do, but they should fit onto a page.) Rename the images Photo1.jpg, Photo2.jpg, Photo3.jpg, and Photo4.jpg. (You won't use Photo4.jpg in this procedure, but you'll use it later in the article.) Verify that the four images are not marked as read-only.

Images And The Asset Pipeline, Where do we put our images so the Asset Pipeline can find them? will look in all the folders in the asset paths for that image, but no matter where it's located its URL never changes. .logo { background-image: url(<%= asset_path('logo') %>​); } Since this image doesn't exist we will see a broken image on our web page. In that case the images will not be displayed since the ASP.Net Image Control accepts the elative image path with respect to the Website folder and the images should be stored within the WebSite. For example if if I have a folder called images within the website folder i.e. D:\Website\images then relative path of the image will be

Use images from a folder inside your project, To use images inside of a code component, you'll need to use a utility function from the Framer Library. Open your project folder by selecting File > Show Project Folder or by using the shortcut ⌥ + ⌘ + P . In the code Was this article helpful? Yes. No. Feedback. Email. This should be empty Can't find your answer? To reduce the number of requests to the server, importing images that are less than 10,000 bytes returns a data URI instead of a path. This applies to the following file extensions: bmp, gif, jpg, jpeg, and png. SVG files are excluded due to #1153. You can control the 10,000 byte threshold by setting the IMAGE_INLINE_SIZE_LIMIT environment

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