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I'm trying create environment variable in tomcat 8 for my project, I need use this variable for choice properties logger. I read about and i create this file, but when i run my project - it does not run. How me create environment variable for check my project? I read about setenv in this site. I use ubuntu 14.04.

export JAVA_HOME

JAVA_OPTS="-Xmx4096m -Xms512m -server"
export JAVA_OPTS


Please do the following. It'll work for you.

   1 sudo su and cd to /var/lib/tomcat8/bin/
   2 touch it doesn't exist)
   3 chmod 777
   4 vim and set following line in
       export varriable=value
   5 sudo service tomcat8 restart 

and Enjoy...!!

How to set environment variables for Apache Tomcat Web Server , See the tutorial on how to set your custom environment variables for such Java application servers as Tomcat 6, Tomcat 7, TomEE and Jetty. GlassFish Variables. 1. Click the last button (with gear icon) for GlassFish in your environment and choose Admin panel > Login in the appeared list (or follow the 2. Fill in the Username and Password fields with the credentials from the same email received earlier. 3. Once inside, choose the

Rather than create /usr/share/tomcat8/bin/, you can put those settings in /etc/default/tomcat8.

I've found that setting JAVA_HOME in causes tomcat8 to not start up properly if it doesn't match what /etc/init.d/tomcat8 comes up with. The init.d script ignores but needs to know which java version is used so that it can check the process list to see if tomcat is running. The init.d script does use /etc/default/tomcat8, so it makes sense to delete and just put the settings in /etc/default.

Setting the Environment Variables for Tomcat App Server, (3) Configure Environment Variables Tomcat is a Java application and does not The CATALINA_HOME environment variable should be set to the location of  There is an alternate way if we're using eclipse: Go to Servers tab. Double click on the server. Click Open launch configuration. Go to Environment tab. Click New and set the key-value pair of environment variables.

There is an alternate way if we're using eclipse:

  1. Go to Servers tab
  2. Double click on the server
  3. Click Open launch configuration
  4. Go to Environment tab
  5. Click New and set the key-value pair of environment variables

tomcat-7.0-doc - Apache Tomcat, Setup of Tomcat environment variables – setenv. environment variables can be set in CATALINA_BASE/bin/ . script is run  To run Tomcat you need to create JAVA_HOME environment variable. To check your configuration for Tomcat go to C:\jakarta-tomcat-4.1.29\bin directory, type startup and press enter. Tomcat starts in separate command prompt window. If Tomcat does not start, probably you have not enough memory set in command prompt.

Tomcat environment variables and run, bash_login to set and export shell variables while Mac users typically set and export environment variables in .bash_profile . For Windows, go to  The video explains about how to download apache tomcat from official site and also how to set environment variables which are required for starting tomcat server . Hope you like it :) . Editing

Tomcat environment variables (2.6) - Documentation, I have a webapp that needs an user environment variable to be set in order to run​. I can start tomcat and retrieve the variable successfully like this  Setting stuff globally via environment variables is bad generally for the same kinds of reasons that global variables are bad. You change the CLASSPATH environment variable so one program works, and you end up breaking another program. The -cp is the way to go

How to set up Environment variables for apache tomcat, Setting environment variables. Before installing Tomcat, you should ensure that your environment variables are set correctly, so that Tomcat will be able to find  Open environment variable dialog box (windows key+ pause-break key --> advanced setting). Add a new variable name as " CATALINA_HOME " and add the variable path as " C://apache-tomcat-7.1.100 "(as in my case), in System Variables. Edit PATH variable name add " %CATALINA_HOME%\bin " and press OK. Close the window and it will be saved.

  • Have you made the file executable?
  • @JoachimRohde, I made, this is executable file?
  • @JoachimRohde, i set chechout in properties file: Execute: Allow executing file as program