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I cannot update the icon on the homescreen. It is the green robot default android icon. How can I change this to the icon?

I have added icons in the app > src > res folder for different resolutions.

I am uploaing my app using the play console. Any ideas?

My manifest states:


The name matches the image in the assets folders.

Here is a link to my repo:

Change project to android than go to res>mipmap>paste your icon there (iconName.png) replace

android:icon="@mipmap/ic_launcher" in manifest



How To Disable Add App Icon To Home Screen For New Apps In , How do I add an icon to my Android home screen? The setting is buried and now applies to more than just home screen icons. In previous versions of Android, specifically Oreo and Pie, you could long-press your home screen, choose "Home settings," select "Change icon shapes," then choose between the circular default option, square, rounded square, squircle, or teardrop icon shapes.

You can update the homescreen icon as follows:

In AndroidManifest.xml under application tag

  android:icon="@mipmap/yourdesiredIcon"/> // replace ic_launcher to desired icon

How to turn off 'add icons to home screen' in Android Oreo, How do I automatically add the App Launcher icon to the home screen when an app is installed Android? If you have been using an Android smartphone for a while, then you might know that the mobile OS creates a new app icon whenever the user installs a new app. The app icons were created automatically with the default name and icon on the home screen.

Goto app > src > main > res

rename your icon to ic_launcher.png and paste it to all mipmap folders

How to Change Your Home Screen Icon Shapes on Android 10 , How do I get my app icon back on my home screen? Latest Android version (as of 3/1/19) has removed the app launcher button (square icon made of 3×3 white dots) previously found on the home screen. It is now placed on bottom status bar (horizontal icon display) , to right of the white open square “all open apps” button.

The correct folder where the Android icon must be placed is res->mipmap-xxxx where xxxx signals the screen resolution.

Also check that your manifiest is using it. Open the manifest and in the application tag you should have something like this:


Also verify you icon is named ic_launcher.

As you can see that entry in the manifest says "go look for the icon in the mipmap folder, use the one named ic_launcher"

Create app icons with Image Asset Studio, How do you stop Google Play from automatically adding new icons to your home screen? I believe I lost the app drawer icon itself. Home screen had 5 icon slots. 1. Phone 2. Empty 3. App Drawer ( I believe. Sorry I an new to Android) 4. Empty 5. Web. I dragged another app icon and accidentally dropped it on the 3rd slot which was the app drawer. Hope it helps. Thanks again

Adaptive icons, The setting to disable icons from being added to the home screen Here's how you can turn off app icons from being added to your home screen. By default, the Google pane is located to the left of the home screen, but  Setting the default home screen on the Android platform. The good thing about this tip is that it applies to any type of app that sets a default application--just alter what application's defaults

How to personalize your home screen on Android, Well, in Android 10, which is only available for Google Pixel, Pixel XL, Just like before, a few different options pop up: the circular device default, square, teardrop, squircle, This Doesn't Just Change App Icons Anymore. The Managed Home Screen is the application used for corporate-owned Android Enterprise dedicated devices enrolled via Intune and running in multi-app kiosk mode. For these devices, the Managed Home Screen acts as the launcher for other approved apps to run on top of it. The Managed Home Screen provides IT admins the ability to customize their

Customizing an app icon on your Home screen, Adaptive launcher icons are also used in shortcuts, the Settings app, sharing dialogs, and the overview screen. A variety of masks applied to an  Open the Play Store app and search for the app. Tap it, and you’ll be able to see if it’s installed on your device. If it isn’t installed, you can download it once more. The app icon should now appear in an empty spot on your Home screen, while you should also be able to find it in your app drawer.

  • change images in mipmap folder
  • I have they're all there
  • check your manifest file under application tag find android:icon change its value to your new icon
  • Its the same name, ic_launcher.png
  • in this case recheck all images.. in all folder there might be on left out
  • does it need the .png ?
  • Yes, they are .png files. Also the filename must be all lowercase