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So I have text1, text2 and text3. The variable can be text1, text2 or text3. It can also be text1 and text3. But if it is text1 and text3 then I want it to say "text1 and 3".

If {Table.column} = 'text1' then "text1" else if
{Table.column} = 'text2' then "text2" else if 
{Table.column} = 'text3' then "text3" else if
{Table.column} = ['text1', 'text3'] then "text1 and 3"

I tried this formula with a couple other variations, and it doesnt work. On the front end users screen it produces two records on the report if the variable is text1 and text3. I just want one record saying "text1 and 3".

This doesn't work like this, if you have possibility of multiple combinations then you should check for the combinations first and then check for individual values else control won't to multiple combinations instead it will get result as soon as single check is true which is what happening in your case, So your logic should be:

If {Table.column} IN ['text1', 'text3'] then "text1 and 3"
Else If //All other multiple combinations then individual values
{Table.column} = 'text1' then "text1" 
else if
{Table.column} = 'text2' then "text2" 
else if 
{Table.column} = 'text3' then "text3" 

Crystal Reports 2008 For Dummies, Global StringVar topic1; topic1 := “Crystal Reports”; You can also declare a For example, you can branch one way or another with an If-Then-Else control  Crystal Reports - If Then Else. The if-then-Else statement is the most basic of all the control flow statements. It tells your program to execute a certain section of code only if a particular condition meets true.

If {Table.column} = ['text1', 'text3'] then "text1 and 3"
{Table.column} = 'text1' then "text1" else if
{Table.column} = 'text2' then "text2" else if 
{Table.column} = 'text3' then "text3" 

so with this code, if the criteria is text3, then it shows "text1 and 3".

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also tried

If {Table.column} in ['text1', 'text3'] then "text1 and 3" else

along with several other combinations

How to create IfThenElse formulas in Crystal Reports , When creating reports in Crystal Reports for Blackbaud, you can conditionally display field contents. If you want to view specific field entries rather than every  The fact that a Crystal syntax formula is a sequence of expressions whose result is the value of the final expression is the most important concept in understanding Crystal syntax. This expression-based syntax allows you to write very short formulas with a lot of functionality.

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  • can you post your changed formula?