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I'm developing in 1 component = 1 file style in vue2.

I have a Table constructed via a Bootstrap-Vue Table Component, I'm using the provider to pass it an items.

one of the columns contains modify buttons for each row.

these buttons trigger a bootstrap-modal.

I'm using a V-if to initialize the table and its properties.

<b-modal  v-if='toShow' id="modalallergy" @hide="resetModal">
      <h4 class="my-1 py-1" slot="modal-header">Allergie {{ modalDetails._id }}</h4>
      <b-container class="bv-example-row">
                  identifiant : {{}}
                Catégorie : {{}}

    <b-modal id="modalallergy-edit" @hide="resetModal">
      <h4 class="my-1 py-1" slot="modal-header">Edition de l'allergie {{ modalDetails._id }}</h4>

this is my modal and just above I have my button :

<button class="btn btn-xs btn-success" @click.stop="details(row.item,row.index,$">
        <span class="glyphicon glyphicon-search"></span>

and below in the <script> and methods section I have my call :

details (item, index, button) { = item
  this.modalDetails.index = index
  this.modalDetails._id = item.content._id
  this.$root.$emit('bv::show::modal', 'modalallergy', button)

the issue is that only the second click on the button will trigger the modal opening. (The properties of the table have not been hydrated yet - at least not from the point of view of the button and modal.)

I also tried using a Boolean and passing the params manually but in that case it doesn't open at all.

You should have solved the problem, but for future attempts it's my opinion. I had a similar problem. In my case the problem was the v-if used to initialize components inside the modal. I belive if you change the v-if to the h4 and b-container tags will work.

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Could you use v-on:click="details(row.item,row.index,$" instead of @click.stop="details(row.item,row.index,$" ? or I'm getting everything horribly wromg :)

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Review your code and i am not sure but you can try

details (item, index, button) { = item
  this.modalDetails.index = index
  this.modalDetails._id = item.content._id
  this.$root.$emit('bv::show::modal', 'modalallergy', button)
  this.$root.$emit('bv::show::modal', 'modalallergy', button)

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  • Why are you calling @click.stop? I wouldn't think you would have to worry about propagation from the component you have described.
  • was just trying things to solve it. it didn't work.
  • Could you include in the question what else in the vue contents before the methods section? it'll help
  • I'm marking as answer because I don't want half the points or all of them to disappear into nothing but it didn't solve my issue.