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I had one dict, like:

cMap = {"k1" : "v1", "k2" : "v1", "k3" : "v2", "k4" : "v2"}

and one DataFrame A, like:

| k1|
| k2|
| k3|
| k4|

to create the DataFame above with code:

data = [('k1'),
A = spark.createDataFrame(data, ['key'])

I want to get the new DataFrame, like:

|key|   v1     |    v2    |
| k1|true      |false     |
| k2|true      |false     |
| k3|false     |true      |
| k4|false     |true      |

I wish to get some suggestions, thanks!

I just wanted to contribute a different and possibly easier way to solve this.

In my code I convert a dict to a pandas dataframe, which I find is much easier. Then I directly convert the pandas dataframe to spark.

data = {'visitor': ['foo', 'bar', 'jelmer'], 
        'A': [0, 1, 0],
        'B': [1, 0, 1],
        'C': [1, 0, 0]}

df = pd.DataFrame(data)
ddf = spark.createDataFrame(df)

|  A|  B|  C|visitor|
|  0|  1|  1|    foo|
|  1|  0|  0|    bar|
|  0|  1|  0| jelmer|

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The dictionary can be converted to dataframe and joined with other one. My piece of code,

data = sc.parallelize([(k,)+(v,) for k,v in cMap.items()]).toDF(['key','val'])
keys = sc.parallelize([('k1',),('k2',),('k3',),('k4',)]).toDF(["key"])
newDF = data.join(keys,'key').select("key",F.when(F.col("val") == "v1","True").otherwise("False").alias("v1"),F.when(F.col("val") == "v2","True").otherwise("False").alias("v2"))

 |key|   v1|   v2|
 | k1| True|False|
 | k2| True|False|
 | k3|False| True|
 | k4|False| True|

If there are more values, you can code that when clause as a UDF and use it.

Convert Python dict into a dataframe, Pandas have built-in function for conversion of dict to data frame. Accepts a dict as argument and returns a dataframe with the keys of the dict as index and values as a column. pandas.DataFrame.to_dict¶. Convert the DataFrame to a dictionary. The type of the key-value pairs can be customized with the parameters (see below). Determines the type of the values of the dictionary. ‘dict’ (default) : dict like {column -> {index -> value}}. ‘list’ : dict like {column -> [values]}.

I parallelize cMap.items() and check if value equal to v1 or v2 or not. Then joining back to dataframe A on column key

# example dataframe A
df_A = spark.sparkContext.parallelize(['k1', 'k2', 'k3', 'k4']).map(lambda x: Row(**{'key': x})).toDF()

cmap_rdd = spark.sparkContext.parallelize(cMap.items())
cmap_df = x: Row(**dict([('key', x[0]), ('v1', x[1]=='v1'), ('v2', x[1]=='v2')]))).toDF()

df_A.join(cmap_df, on='key').orderBy('key').show()


|key|   v1|   v2|
| k1| true|false|
| k2| true|false|
| k3|false| true|
| k4|false| true|

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Thanks everyone for some suggestions, I figured out the other way to resolve my problem with pivot, the code is:

cMap = {"k1" : "v1", "k2" : "v1", "k3" : "v2", "k4" : "v2"}
a_cMap = [(k,)+(v,) for k,v in cMap.items()] 
data = spark.createDataFrame(a_cMap, ['key','val'])

from pyspark.sql.functions import count
data = data.groupBy('key').pivot('val').agg(count('val'))

|key|  v1|  v2|
| k2|   1|null|
| k4|null|   1|
| k1|   1|null|
| k3|null|   1|

data =

|key| v1| v2|
| k2|  1|  0|
| k4|  0|  1|
| k1|  1|  0|
| k3|  0|  1|

keys = spark.createDataFrame([('k1','2'),('k2','3'),('k3','4'),('k4','5'),('k5','6')], ["key",'temp'])

newDF = keys.join(data,'key')
|key|temp| v1| v2|
| k2|   3|  1|  0|
| k4|   5|  0|  1|
| k1|   2|  1|  0|
| k3|   4|  0|  1|

But, I can't convert 1 to true, 0 to false.

How to convert a list of lists into a Pandas DataFrame in Python, will be converted to one column i.e. key will become Column Name and list in the value field will be the column data i.e. orient {‘columns’, ‘index’}, default ‘columns’ The “orientation” of the data. If the keys of the passed dict should be the columns of the resulting DataFrame, pass ‘columns’ (default). Otherwise if the keys should be rows, pass ‘index’.

I just wanted to add an easy way to create DF, using pyspark

values = [("K1","true","false"),("K2","true","false")]
columns = ['Key', 'V1', 'V2']
df = spark.createDataFrame(values, columns)

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Create pandas dataframe from lists using dictionary, Creating pandas data-frame from lists using dictionary can be achieved in from lists using zip · Python | Create a Pandas Dataframe from a dict of equal length  To create DataFrame from dict of narray/list, all the narray must be of same length. If index is passed then the length index should be equal to the length of arrays. If no index is passed, then by default, index will be range(n) where n is the array length. # Python code demonstrate creating.

Python, There are various ways of creating a DataFrame in Pandas. One way is to convert a dictionary containing lists of equal lengths as values. Let's discuss how to  The syntax to create a DataFrame from dictionary object is shown below. mydataframe = DataFrame(dictionary) Each element in the dictionary is translated to a column, with the key as column name and the array of values as column values.

How to Convert Dictionary to Pandas DataFrame, In this guide, I'll show you the steps to convert a Dictionary to Pandas from pandas import DataFrame my_dict = {key:value,key:value,key:value,. code to create the following tool to convert your dictionary to a DataFrame:. Creating pandas data-frame from lists using dictionary can be achieved in multiple ways. Method #1: Using pandas.DataFrame With this method in Pandas we can transform a dictionary of list to a dataframe.

  • Actually, there are more values, could you tell me how to construct the UDF?