Err "bad proposal response 500" when trying to join channel

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I have the following structure : one orderer, one ca and one peer. A channel1 is define and the peer has successfully joined this channel. A first chaincode has been successfully deployed on the peer. The chaincode has been written using composer, export as a .bna, installed and start on the described structure using a connection profile (json)

I am trying to ask a second peer to join the previously created channel using the following command : "peer channel join -b channel1.block"

but I get the following error : "Error: proposal failed (err: bad proposal response 500)"

Complete error from peer's log :

ERRO 01c [][997ac53c] simulateProposal() resulted in chaincode name:"cscc" response status 500 for txid: 997ac*****

The command "peer channel fetch newest" has been issued before with success.

Any idea for me please ?

So if I try to deploy my new peer on the same virtual machine, it react the same BUT the error message is not exactly the same ( why ??), here I still error 500 but more details : 2018-08-21 13:38:30.435 UTC [channelCmd] InitCmdFactory -> INFO 001 Endorser and orderer connections initialized Error: proposal failed (err: rpc error: code = Unknown desc = chaincode error (status: 500, message: "JoinChain" for chainID = channel1 failed because of validation of configuration block, because of Bad configuration envelope: Not a tx of type [CONFIG]))

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This issue is now FIXED !! The command "peer channel fetch newest" must be replaced by "peer channel fetch config" Check the following link for more info :

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I've encountered the same question.In my case, using

peer channel fetch 0 mychannel.block -c mychannel --orderer --tls --cafile /opt/gopath/src/

would help, that is, we need the first block to join (sequence number 0), not the newest or config. Here is my post :Get the error:Error: proposal failed (err: bad proposal response 500) when I try to join a peer to an existed channel?

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  • This error comes when , channel is already joined. Pls check logs
  • Another peer has already joined the channel but not the concerned one it's new one I just installed .... On the peer which is already part of the channel there is already a chaincode deployed, can it be the problem ?
  • What can I found in the log ?
  • "peer channel list" command does not return anything ....