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I have seen this same thing posted quite a few times, but whenever I try to import my project to my new work laptop I keep getting this error.

I have pulled the project from git (which his btw running fine on my old laptop).

Then I went to the sdk manager, downloaded all the tools, and all the SDK's available. In the welcome screen, I went to Configure -> project Defaults -> Project structure. Android SDK Tab says the path for projects without will be /Applications/Android This is correct. Under SDKs I have all the available SDK's visible. Project SDK is set to API 18

Yet still I get this error when trying to build my project. Can anyone tell me where I havent looked yet?

I am running gradle 1.7 when trying to build which is downloaded from

SDK location not found. Define location with sdk.dir in the local , Define location with sdk.dir in the file or with an /​AndroidStudioProjects/cloudinary_android/lib/build.gradle">Open File</a> #31 like a problem with your Android Studio configuration where the Android SDK path not found. Gradle sync failed: SDK location not found. Define location with sdk.dir in the file or with an ANDROID_HOME environment variable.

creating file in the root directory solved my issue I somehow lost this file after pulling from GitHub

this is how my file looks like now:

## This file is automatically generated by Android Studio.
# Do not modify this file -- YOUR CHANGES WILL BE ERASED!
# This file must *NOT* be checked into Version Control Systems,
# as it contains information specific to your local configuration.
# Location of the SDK. This is only used by Gradle.
# For customization when using a Version Control System, please read the
# header note.
#Sat Feb 06 11:53:03 EST 2016


Error:(121, 0) SDK location not found. Define location with sdk.dir in , manager and the path would be displayed on the status bar. Open the SDK Manager from Android Studio by clicking Tools > SDK Manager or click SDK Manager in the toolbar. Click the checkbox next to Android SDK Platform-Tools so it shows a checkmark. A download icon should appear in the left column.

I found the solution here:

Just create a file and add a line with sdk.dir=SDK_LOCATION

How to Install Android SDK and Get Started, How do you define location with SDK Dir in the local properties file? Android Studio Gradle Cannot resolve symbol 'applicationVariants' Tag: android , gradle , android-studio I'm trying to get around an annoying issue with Gradle that does not allow libraries to have different min/target sdk's.

If none of the answers work for you which happened to me on macbook pro in one of the projects you can always try to run Android Studio with an alias command passing sdk.dir with each run:

alias studio='launchctl setenv ANDROID_HOME '\''/Users/username/Library/Android/sdk'\'' && open -a '\''Android Studio'\'''

Android SDK location, GitHub is home to over 50 million developers working together to host used in the SDK manager available on android studio configuration. 10) Press Ctrl+V (Paste Command) 11) Press Enter (You will see new android-sdk folder in (C:) Drive. 12) Go To Android Studio. 13) Click On Edit (Edit Option Of android sdk location) 14) Click On

Had the same problem in IntelliJ 12, even though I have ANDROID_HOME env variable it still gives the same error. I ended up creating file under the root of my project (my project has a main project w/ a few submodules in its own directories). This solved the error.

What is Android SDK? Webopedia Definition, Every time when I open a new android studio project from github from build.​gradle, it will always show “SDK location not found. Define location with idk.dir in the  If your android SDK path is given and still you facing this issue then it might because your android studio not synced well, even you have clicked on "Sync now" link. So for re sync it go to app gradle file and make any change or just give a space and now sync again. It will work perfectly.

SDK location not found · Issue #41 · react-native-community/react , SDK location not found. Define location with an ANDROID_SDK_ROOT environment variable or by setting the sdk. dir path in your project's local properties file… Android Studio -> Preferences -> Appearance & Behavior -> System Settings -> Android SDK. To open the SDK Manager from Android Studio, click Tools > SDK Manager or click SDK Manager in the toolbar. If you're not using Android Studio, you can download tools using the sdkmanager command-line tool. When an update is available for a package you already have, a dash appears in the check box next to the package.

SDK location not found. Define location with idk.dir in the local , went wrongA problem occurred evaluating project app gt SDK location not found your C:\myapp\android\build.gradle and not in the parent directory myapp. throw new GradleException("Flutter SDK not found. Define location with flutter.sdk in the file.") to. throw new Exception("Flutter SDK not found. Define location with flutter.sdk in the file.") Step 2 - Run flutter doctor -v in terminal and give permission to all if any of them are missing.

[React Native] Run react-native got error “SDK Location not found”, Gradle Android build SDK location not found. Building Android project needs the Android SDK, if you don't have it, you will get this error when import Gradle  Terms and Conditions This is the Android Software Development Kit License Agreement 1. Introduction 1.1 The Android Software Development Kit (referred to in the License Agreement as the "SDK" and specifically including the Android system files, packaged APIs, and Google APIs add-ons) is licensed to you subject to the terms of the License Agreement.

  • I don't have issues changing the path I know how to do this as I stated above. It's all set correctly.
  • @MathijsSegers Please check if the settings.gradle file is contained in the root folder of the project.
  • It was, also it has been fixed by something random been a long while now.
  • how did u fix the issue? I am facing the same issue..
  • Oh it's still open, appearantly we resolved it by copying all files from the old machine instead of using git........... so still no idea why but itś resolved.
  • sometimes Android Studio doesn't read the ANDROID_HOME env var and if it does this, you just need which Android Studio normally builds but doesn't always...
  • Note that on windows, a full path doesn't seem to work (i.e. c:\whatever\sdk). It seems to need to be on the same drive and an absolute path off of the root (i.e. /whatever/sdk)
  • I'm going to accept this answer since it has most upvotes. Our project did origin from Eclipse I'd probably be able to find out wat was wrong back then but this looks like the possible issue and should be the most common issue out there.
  • and don't forget to restart entire android studio
  • An example as for how to pass the alias can help, please
  • May not work if the file fully specifies the path including the name of the user on the original machine.
  • Android Studio might also be generating a file with a sdk.dir parameter that's pointing to the Android SDK.