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I made sign up form, but there some are problems with passwords. i enter exactly the same passwords in password field and confirm password field but it fails

The password confirmation confirmation does not match.

my sign up form

<div class="form-group">
   {!! Form::password('password', ['class' => 'form-control','placeholder' => '*Password']) !!}
<div class="form-group">
   {!! Form::password('password_confirmation', ['class' => 'form-control', 'placeholder' => '*Password Confirm']) !!}

my validations

'password' => 'required|between:8,255',
'password_confirmation' => 'confirmed',

i also try this

'password' => 'required|between:8,255',
'password_confirmation' => 'required|between:8,255|confirmed',

and this

'password' => 'required|between:8,255|confirmed',
 'password_confirmation' => 'required|between:8,255|confirmed',

but still doesn't work


 'password' => 'required|between:8,255|confirmed'

Note the confirmed is added to password validation, you dont have to add the rules twice because a confirm field needs to have the same fields.

Password Confirmation, confirm middleware to routes where you want a user to re-confirm their password. Confirming the password will store a timestamp in the user's session that lasts for three hours by default so users do not have to enter their password during that period again. The password and password_confirmation fields will allow the user to change their password. If they are both left empty, the user’s current password will be retained and no changes will be made to their stored password. The major players in our view are the password, password_confirmation, and current_password fields.

This is best approach for password confirmation:

  'password' => 'required|between:8,255|confirmed'


confirmed: The field under validation must have a matching field of foo_confirmation.

For example, password field named: password

password confirmation field would be: password_confirmation

Then the confirmed property will add default check for password confirmation.

Password confirm does not work, Hello there,. i am trying a really simple form validation, but somehow it does not work out. here is my registration form: <h1>Registration  By default laravel's confirmed validation looks for the name (password) and adds _confirmation. In your form the password confirmation should be named password_confirmation.

Your validation should be like :

'password'              => 'required | confirmed ',
'password_confirmation' => 'required ',

For more details See Here

How To Match Password & Confirm Password In laravel, How To Match Password & Confirm Password In laravel ?? Posted 1 year ago by vandan. 'password'=>bcrypt($request->get('password')), And the confirmation field name should be new_password_confirmation. – T. Corner Jun 22 '17 at 14:53

confirmed must be passed into password validation rule:

'password' => 'required|between:8,255|confirmed', 'password_confirmation' => 'required',

How to match input password and database hash password in , 5 onward, you can use the bcrypt() function to hash a plaintext. Today, we will learn to update password with checking old password in laravel 5 application. we will create function to change password with old password validation rule in laravel. we will do old password verification using custom validation rule in laravel 5.

I am using Laravel 5.2 and I am able to work this out using

'password' => 'required|min:8|same:confirm_password'

Why the Confirm Password Field Must Die, I know the password confirmation field is being submitted because I can end user does not want to update their password, they leave it blank. I suggest you to use password confirmed to ensure user typing correct password. Within the 6 characters our regex should contain at least 3 of a-z or A-Z and number and special character. Always test your code in a test environment before moving to production.

Password Confirmation, Laravel form requests are special classes that extend the functionality of At the time of writing this tutorial, artisan command utility does not generate <input id=​"password-confirm" type="password" class="form-control"  Next, a table must be created to store the password reset tokens. The migration for this table is included in the laravel/ui Composer package. After installing the laravel/ui package, you may use the migrate command to create the password reset token database table: composer require laravel/ui php artisan migrate. Routing

How to Implement Password Verification Using Laravel Form Request, Laravel released v6.2 yesterday with a new password confirmation feature that enables you to require a logged-in user to re-enter their  Laravel provides a variety of helpful validation rules; however, you may wish to specify some of your own. One method of registering custom validation rules is using rule objects. To generate a new rule object, you may use the make:rule Artisan command.

New Password Confirmation Flow for Logged In Users in Laravel 6.2 , The password confirmation functionality behaves exactly like the #791 Does not work with the new Laravel confirm password feature in  The problem I have is that no matter what I try, the password and confirmation password never match - I always receive "The password confirmation does not match.". This is driving me crazy. I know the password confirmation field is being submitted because I can see the field in the developer tools header data.