i didn't understand this code can anyone explain:

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I am not able to understand this code can anyone explain:

const statDateMatch = typeof startDate !== 'number' || expense.createdAt >= startDate;


This will return a boolean (true or false) based on a number of conditions.

If the startDate variable is not a number, it’ll return true, otherwise that first part of the condition will evaluate to false, in which case it’ll continue to the part after the ||

So if startDate IS a number, then it will return either true or false based on the second clause in the condition (expense.createdAt >= startDate)

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Since we are using the OR operator || we are saying if ANY one of the conditions is true then startDateMatch will be true otherwise if will be false.

So on the left side of the OR we have typeof startDate !== 'number' which asks ... is the type of the variable startDate NOT equal to the string number. Lets call the result of this A.

On the right side we have expense.createdAt >= startDate which asks ... is the value of the variable expense.createdAt greater or equal to the value of the startDate. The result of this we will call B.

So on the end we are saying is that if ANY one of the results from A or B is true then assign that to the constant startDateMatch. If none of them is true well then startDateMatch will be false.

const startDateMatch is equal to: Is any one of the results from A and B true?

Makes sense?

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/*first to judge whether the startDate's type is'number'; if not return true, if the startDate's 'number' then judge the condition after the || */var flag= function(){if(typeof startDate !== 'number' ){ flag = true;}else if(expense.createdAt >= startDate ){ return true;}else{ return false;}}const statDateMatch = flag()

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It's very difficult to explain what this code does and determine if it's correct or not, without having context of the code block. It's a good practice if you provide further details on what are you willing to achieve, and how anyone else could help.

However, given this single line this is what I would read in my head:

const statDateMatch = typeof startDate !== 'number' || expense.createdAt >= startDate;
^                   ^ ^                             ^  ^
|                   | |                             |  |
|                   | |                             |  |
|                   | |                             |  +-- the expense was created AFTER startDate ?
|                   | |                             |
|                   | |                             +--- or
|                   | |
|                   | +-- Is the type of startDate different than the string 'number' ?
|                   |
|                   +---- Assign the following expression once evaluated
+---- Declare a constant called "statDateMatch" (maybe typo here ??)

So read in plain english would be something like:

Is startDate different than a number or the expense creation date is after the start date? then consider it a statDateMatch

IMPORTANT: Note that if statDateMatch was intented to be startDateMatch, a typo as simple as that might bring a lot of trouble trying to understand what the whole code block does for the faraway reader.

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